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Thread: RRCamera funtion not working correctly.

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    RRCamera funtion not working correctly.

    Hello peepz,

    I am realy happy with the RR software. And hope that somebody can help me.

    The camera function is not starting from the userinterface. I can see in the live debug that the command is "ONCOMMANDINVALID".

    When I hit the `re-executed` option the camera will start and work normaly. Record, etc it works. Also the still capture and video is transported to the right directory.

    The "bug" I recieve in the Live Debug is the following one:

    BYVAR;MAINBUTTON9;MyApp01<<MyApp02<<MyApp03<<MyApp 04<<MyApp05
    <<MyApp06<<MyApp07<<MyApp08<<MyApp09<<MyApp10<<MyA pp11<<MyApp12
    <<MyApp13<<MyApp14<<MyApp15<<MyApp16<<MyApp17<<MyA pp18<<MyApp19
    <<MyApp20<<MyApp21<<MyApp22<<MyApp23<<MyApp24<<MyA pp25<<MyApp26
    <<MyApp27<<MyApp28<<MyApp29<<MyApp30<<MyApp31<<MyA pp32

    So when I see this, and "re-executed" the camera It will work.

    The camera simply will not boot from the user interface.

    Can someone please help me?? I realy like to go build the carputer.

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    Solved it.

    Place "LOAD;;;$skinpath$RRCam\RRCam.exe;RRCam. exe" in the config.ini at the line "MYAPP16" .

    Remove the word (letters) "camera" , and replace is with
    "LOAD;;;$skinpath$RRCam\RRCam.exe;RRCam. exe"

    If "LOAD" doesn't work, replace "LOAD" for "RUN".

    Don't forget to put your skinpath between the $ !!!! Remove the $ sign also!!!

    Now it work flawless. Gonna buy I 30 Fps webcam to try to get some pics of the road.

    Thanks for this software!!!!!

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