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Thread: How to? Plug-in explanation (need help)

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    How to? Plug-in explanation (need help)

    Can somebody please explain the plug-in steps to me in laymen terms. I've been trying to implement certain plug-ins and all I seem to do is fubar stuff up. I jacked up making buttons, entering code in the extbl. and text in the rr. ini.
    Much appreciated.
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    Which exactly do you need help with?

    rr.ini/skin.ini assigns values to variables.

    ExecTBL execute custom commands.

    Maybe if you explain what exactly you're trying to do, we can provide a useable example...
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    Most plugins will have a readme.txt provided by the author.

    First step is to read that.

    if you still have trouble read the plugin thread, and if necessary ask questions in that thread.

    Unfortunately there is not a definitive way to install plugins as there are many different types at the moment, and as RR keeps changing so does the installation of the plugins.

    Also the way some skins work changes the way plugins are installed.

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