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Thread: Almost perfect Windows Mobile phone app (needs testing and ideas)

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    Almost perfect Windows Mobile phone app (needs testing and ideas)

    I was introduced to this app recently called MyMobiler and it would be great embedded for windows phone's if only it was a little faster.

    It works through active sync and display's exactly whats on the phone's screen,it also has its own skin if you prefer and layout is in xml.

    The config is in ini form and it should embed easily but there's a BUT and it's in the form of lag.

    Its just doesn't render quick enough.

    I thought i'd try and drum up some interest here and if its worth doin we can hammer out a plan later.

    Get it here =

    I'd post a screen shot but there's no point as you just see what you see on your phone's screen.

    I've tested it with my SPV M3100 (HTC HERMES) and my HTC Touch HD (HTC Blackstone)
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    Look at this thread:
    Windows Mobile Phone Control


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