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Thread: iTunes Player Plugin

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    dont know exactly... i would think we just tell itunes to play it..and expects it to obey
    but im not 100% sure... maybe i shouldnt try to answer...

    i didnt think anyone use itunes as player...

    i would think if u change the song in itunes, and RR doesnt know it, then its that one way thing...

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Well, honestly I'm trying to use RR for a different purpose.

    iTunes is arguably the best (or at least most universally understood) stand-alone music player. I was going to have a 2 monitor set-up in my house with the screen #1 having iTunes open, while screen #2 has a large full-screen version of RR running displaying song info, album art, etc.

    Thanks for your reply. If someone else is 100% certain, speak up! I'll be testing it out this summer, I just don't have time to right now

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