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Thread: Plugin request: 360-degree view of the car

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    Plugin request: 360-degree view of the car

    Some model of nissan's cars are equipped with Around View Monitor. I feel it is a amazing tech and wonder if we can implement it in RR.

    Here is the AVM description. To view the flash, click there
    "Using 4 separate cameras, the monitor displays an image of the vehicle from above. This helps the driver to visually confirm the vehicle's relation to the lines around the parking space. With this, the driver can position the vehicle for parallel parking or park the car in a smart way with ease."

    Here is the screen shot:

    Here is the location of 4 camera:

    it used a image processor to convert and merge the video from the 4 camera in this way:

    Anybody have a idea about how to make it happen in RR?

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    Where are the 4 cameras mounted. It seems to be a Google car to me.
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    What would be cooler is doing it like the bmw's.

    They have like this radar sensor, like that shows how close you are to things all around the car using a color scale. (green being in the clear, yellow, and red) It's pretty cool too if you can find a sensor like that

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    Sorry, but I just don't like these things...

    It promotes bad habits.... I can't stand seeing (mostly women..sorry ladies) , not looking over there shoulder when reversing / parallel parking... The last thing I want to see is someone starring at ONLY the screen and not relying on there own eyes..etc..

    The only thing I wouldn't mind is audio feedback if you are about to hit something you cannot see...

    My 2 cents/rant

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    Nearest thing at the moment is RobbyBMW's PDC plugin.

    But that has only one camera.

    Getting four cameras cut up like that will be tricky.

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    You'd need a special video board that can not only accept multiple inputs but can be configured to display them the way it does on that picture.

    I've seem some security camera systems that will tile the pictures but I think it will be cost prohibitive for you to duplicate that setup.
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    You could probably do it with four webcams and some image processing software, I've seen some pretty impressive real-time image processing.
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    There are inexpensive usb-video adapters in the market that could be used for that, and a simple code/plugin could easily receive the image from the multiple devices for display.

    I think it seems a little redundant to be looking at 4 cameras at the same time, unless you're recording them (so you can LATER watch one at a time). There are also many video mergers which can combine the input of 4 cameras into one single feed of video, and there used to be some inexpensive X10 wireless RF cameras which could be controlled through very simple code to pick up the signal from one of several cameras installed. It is a point very well made that it could be easy to miss something by just looking at a camera -- specially at night (since there are no lights on the side of the car). Furthermore, if the front cam is the same image as you can see with your own eyes, there should be no need for a forward camera unless it's an infrared or some sort of improved view. The reverse camera does make sense to see how close you are when parking (since there are lights on the rear). Still there are lots of unusual/useless things that make into cars, so if someone finds this interesting enough, why not..
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    I am doing something very similar to my car. I am kinda going to the extreme though. I am removing all mirrors and equipping the car with a camera in the left right and rear. All have night vision bulbs, plus a addition night vision bulb to give me huge distances at night. I decided that a independent system would be better for me, but thats only because i will have no mirrors. There will be a cam in the front, but I intend to only use it when track racing the car. Basically I use whats called a Digital Color Quad Processor, its the same thing security uses to split cameras up. I have it set up to display a 3 way view left right and rear on a rear view mirror screen. I hit a button to go to 4 way view if I need it. I also, for security reasons, will have the cameras stay on all the time, I don't think they will draw to much power, and I intend to have a Mini-DVR on all the time. That way I can record driving (Florida is ranked #9 as the worst drivers state), and record while parked. The Mini-DVR will be hidden, but also connects to the PC to download the video for storage so the 8GB drive doesn't get full.

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    ^That is extreme...and awesome. Can't wait to see how it turns out

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