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Thread: MPC help

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    MPC help

    Whenever I start MPC there is a pop up that asks me for the location
    of the dvd drive/folder

    Is there a way to stop the pop up from happening and
    just have MPC play the dvd when I insert it?

    Also when playing a dvd the mouse/curser stay at the top left of the screen
    and doesnt go away?

    last thing the buttons for FF and RWD do not work

    I am using the latest RR and latest MPC

    Thank You

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    The operation of DVD playback has always been like that, meaning, the mouse moves to 0,0 of the screen (top-left), so RR knows when to show the controls again (if you move it out of there). The operation of MPC in RR right now is about to be history, so I would hold off your efforts in trying to fix it right now and try the new implementation of MPC on the new RR release (on the next few days).
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    Cool Thanks Guino!

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