I received Mitch's cable and connected my Directed HD radio. The radio plays with the PCR program but when I open RideRunner I get the message
"MJS Gadgets

Device Error

Sorry, The MJS Gadgets HD Radio Control Assembly is NOT registed"

I'm using the carwings dynamic skin and I downloaded the "required skin" and copied it to the carwings dynamic skin folder. I also used RR config and selected the HD radio on Com 1. I even went as far as doing a "RegSvr32 HDRadioRR.dll" within the \RideRunner\RadioModules\HDRadio folder. I've run both the setup and HDRadio Setup.msi in the same folder. I also copied the dll to the plugins folder. As best as I can tell I'm running version 8/15/09 of RR. The RR.ini has the following:


What am I missing?