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Thread: Plugin Error loading - Automation error

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    Plugin Error loading - Automation error

    I has developed a plugin on my desktop and it works well with RR. But it get error when I deploy it on car PC. Anything I missed? ("regasm /codebase /tlb RRefun.dll" run sucessfully on car pc)

    Plugin Manager: Error loading ( RRefun (Automation error, check spelling of plugin, or its is COM registration missing.)

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    I'd have to say it may be a .NET version/component issue then -- as it seems clear you're using .NET

    You may want to try making a simple test app that creates/calls a few functions of the RRefun.RRExtension class and see if it works in the carpc as well (probably wont).
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    Tested a simple plugin, it runs well. I guess the problem was caused by the referenced DLLs by plugin RRefun. Will check the referenced dlls one by one

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