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Thread: Plugins in VB2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    It's alright, don't download vb2005 just for me.

    I still do my RR in vb6 , it was just that there seem to be some things that people want that are done in But others will do the plugins I'm sure.

    Or I'll spend some time one day find out how to get 2008 into 2005.

    No worries.
    I would have done it if I had found a copy of VS2005 express, but it's no longer available.

    In any case I found this page:
    And this tool:

    Which I used and resulted in the attached file .. if you can try this VB2005 extension plugin example, let me know if it works..
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    This is a quick conversion from the VB6 extension plugin example I did.. seems like it works just fine -- now you have a base code to work with HERE.

    You MAY HAVE to run the runme1st.bat to register the Class for RR to see it (definitely required on other machines than the one you compiled it) -- but won't hurt to try without running it first.

    This extension name can be set easily in the top of the RRExtension class -- this one is MyExtension.NET.

    Let me know if you have problems,
    I have tried the 2008 version to create a plugin . RR don't see it but it is well registered.

    How unregistered please ? regasm /u /codebase /tlb GmailNotifier.dll ?

    In my com explorer i found that !!!!

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    that error in com explorer is OK, com explorer doesnt handle .net com objects correctly
    old app....

    not to mention, its complicated how the os handles or wraps .net asemblies into com

    regasm /u /tlb nameoffassembly.dll

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