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Thread: Google Earth

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    Google Earth

    I have spent the last few hours looking for the google earth plugin, I thought it was in the thread @ Needed: BETA Testers for Google Earth Plugin and read most of those pages, frequently being pointed to the first page, I cannot see a link to a plugin on the first page.

    The only links that are visible to me are:,,, =177685163"

    There were other links in other messages within the thread but they either led me back to the 1st message or to domains that no longer exist.

    (I also searched the source of that web page to see if it was just not showing up)

    I know there have been upgrades to both the server and software and am wondering if this is the reason or if the link has been removed. I also noticed that there is no "last edited" tag on that message, should there be? I use that to determine if I should refer to a link on a post that is so old or start reading backwards to find the latest version link.
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