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Thread: Browsing Issue in RRMedia

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    Browsing Issue in RRMedia

    I'm running the RRMedia plugin and I'm having an issue when browsing by Artist, Album, etc.

    If I browse by artist, when I view the albums for that artist I'm seeing multiple entries for each album. It appears that I get an entry for each song on that album.

    e.g. I browse Eminem, I see his Recovery album listed 5 times....and I have 5 songs from that album in my library. Similarly, Aerosmith's Get A Grip album is listed 13 times...and I have all 13 songs from the album.

    I've rebuilt the database and tried this in two different skins...including the RRmedia demo skin.

    Anyone have any idea what the issue may be?

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    Issue resolved. Deleted db file and rebuilt it from scratch.

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