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Thread: Plugin starter code and/or documentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post
    plugins dont have skins...

    they can, but dont have to...

    so if you make labels and indicators and such and such, you need to make your own DEMO skin
    Right. I was assuming that the plugin examples came with their own demo skins, but I guess they don't. It wasn't initially clear to me that I was expected to modify one of the existing skin files to see the example plugins actually do something.

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    or create your own look, no need to start with existing skin
    just depends you what your trying to achive in a plugin
    some are generic, like my USB-IO plugin, but i made some sample skins based on carwings_dyanmic to demo the plugin commands and what not

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    I know this is post is delayed but I didn't want to start a new thread because my question is related to this thread's topic...

    I am trying to get the "MyExtension" example to work and was able to register the .dll file so the Carwings skin shows MyExtension in the Plugin Manager list with the other plugins, but there's no added functionality to the skin. I am not sure if I need to create a button on one of the skin's screens to execute a a command in the MyExtension plugin, but if so I couldn't find a command in the "Skin Commands" list that worked for me.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a certain skin command to execute a plugin command?


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    I have done some plugins tests with C# and VB.NET and you need absolutly compile your project with the framework 2.0 and 3.5 , not the 4.0 and more that RR don't accept !

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    Thanks for replying, I am using the VB.NET "MyExtension" visual studio solution directly from the RR example folder and the .dll it came with didn't add functionality to the skin. When I compiled myself, the "Target framework (all configurations):" was set to ".NET Framework 2.0" - this setting was in Project>MyExtension Properties...>Compile>Advanced compile options... is there another location where I need to change options? I made sure the "Register for COM interop" was checked as well as the "Make Assembly COM-Visible" option in the Assembly tab>assembly information.

    I don't see any code in the MyExtension plugin to add a button, and according to the post above, "if you make labels and indicators and such and such, you need to make your own DEMO skin." This makes me think that I need to add a label to get the ReturnLabel function be called, I just don't know how to tie the skin's label to the plugin's function. Is there a skin command like "MyExtension;ReturnLabel;mylabel" or something?

    Basically, I don't understand how to get buttons, labels, etc. to interact with the plugin.


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