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Thread: Windows 7 Bluetooth Phone

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    Windows 7 Bluetooth Phone

    In Windows 7, with my WLAN/Bluetooth mini-PCI card I can pair my phone and do all the expected functions like file transfers, routing audio from the built-in music player to my PC, using the PC as a bluetooth headset, etc, etc.

    I had a bluesoleil dongle and software many, many years ago that provided the same functionality. I know in the past, to use the rrphone plugin you needed bluesoleil installed. Is this still necessary with Windows providing the conduit path now? I hate to spend $30 on the bluesoleil software if it's not needed anymore.

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    If by RRPhone you mean my plugin then yes as it handles all the atsm codes for the different phones. I'd check your phone is supported though before spending the money.

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