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Thread: Weather plugin in French?

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    Personally I think that the xml is better this way each user can edit the file at their convenience and can also add as many language file you want via a setting in the skin.ini or rr.ini (for example in skin.ini weatherlang = French and weather.dll load the file french.xml ...)

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    If any one uses the Weather Channel XML feed for current weather and forecast, be aware that they are discontinuing that service 10/31/2011 and replacing it with a $62 monthly service.

    I got the notice today as I use it in a program that I have.

    So, it may be necessary to create new weather support for RR should anyone wish it.

    I've done a very cursory search and I believe that the NWS has a similar feed but I'm not sure. Currently I use their radar source.


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    $62 per month is steep, I got the notice as well.
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    Yea, that is just insane! I spent about 10 hours on the new .net weather plugin, fixing and adding things, just to find this out!

    I already have a new XML feed, that is free, that I am starting to work on another weather plugin......
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