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Thread: Like RideRunner? REALLY REALLY like website development?? Get in here!

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    Like RideRunner? REALLY REALLY like website development?? Get in here!

    In an effort to better utilize my existing mobile data connection (and add some pretty cool features) I've "net-enabled" several of my existing plugins. Plugins like RRVehicleMaintenance, RRGamestation, and MediaSync now have the ability to read/write to a database I've got hosted. Not only does this allow me to backup/restore files if they corrupt, but it allows me to do some functional stuff as well. For instance, RRVM now has a fully capable GPS tracker that automatically sends GPS data to my database table.

    What I REALLY REALLY need though is someone who's willing to donate some time and effort into creating a web based application to utilize this information i'm collecting. I want the ability to allow users to register on my website and see their tracker data on a google map, perhaps export it to csv or another data format. I also really want people to be able to enter the information RRVM utilizes for tracking scheduled maintenance, fuel log, and repair history ONLINE rather than be forced to do the stuff in the vehicle.

    Having said all this, I really don't have the time to learn how to build out my website like this. Between real work, contract work, RR Plugins and Android development I've got going on it would be silly to throw another "noob" thing i have to learn on the fly with. So would anyone like to donate some time to get this accomplished? I pay for hosting, I give you the keys and you create a web front-end for data which already exists.

    If anyone is interested, PM me. Even if you don't want to neccessarily do the heavy lifting, any comprehensive noob friendly resources i'll gladly take a look at myself Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Hmm. that's got me thinking.

    I already have TC and FP using google maps. And Upd8 can upload and download sync list.

    Maybe I could have web interfaces to create sync lists, camera presets.

    Hmmm, more things.

    I hate you Sonic.

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