Recently system uptime stopped displaying under sys info.
It was working before.

Am I right that this is a function of RRExtened?

All others are displaying except WAN IP. WAN IP has never worked on my installs. Would display (No Internet Available).
Total System Uptime is just blank.

At first I thought windows updates broke it. So I uninstalled all recent updates to back when I remembered it working
Reinstalled DFX, Updated DFX, reinstalled RR with later Nov 2013, reinstalled RRextended 1.2.0
Checking between each change and nothing was able to fix the issue.

In my debug file the only errors i see is during startup on the menu skins loading:
SKIN ERROR (AddFlash)--->Type mismatch
Start sequence: Pre-Loading- Loading Menu (1 / 3)

It repeats that error for each menu screen. I don't think that relates to the uptime issue?

Under the Windows TaskMgr. On the performance tab. Up Time displays correctly.
From command-line. 'Net statistics workstation' And 'net statistics server' both display the boot time correctly.
That's the only places I'm aware to check in Windows for uptime and it seems to be working on the windows side.

I like to use uptime to calculate trip times.