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Thread: Integrated voice control in RR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabepage View Post
    hey??? still someone here?

    I was.... but I just left, sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabepage View Post
    Few questions:
    - how to disable play list mode?
    - sometimes it work without keyword... why?
    I replied to this, looks like the post did not show up. Anyways,

    I did not code a setting for the Play list mode I will add that to the to-do list.

    It takes a bit to find balance between accuracy and recognition, try changing the setting in the speech control panel for Pronunciation Sensitivity and Accuracy vs Response. I would also turn off the adaption(seems to degrade recognition with adapting to a noisy environment(road noise))

    Let me know if that helps

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    thank you... I'll try ASAP.
    you have a PM.


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    Moved elsewhere

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    tried it out on my desktop. Very cool. Shame that voice engines havent advanced to the point of not sounding robotic. Not enough computing power for that yet I guess. Good to see voice recognition works alot better than it did in the 9x days.

    Will try in the carpc once I get a mic for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffy View Post
    tried it out on my desktop. Very cool. Shame that voice engines havent advanced to the point of not sounding robotic...
    They have made progress, but unfortunately not with the included ones (I have to agree, they are barely usable). There are some nice ones for purchase or upgrade to Vista they have included a clear very nice sounding one.

    I have MS Streets and trips and it comes with a nice voice (Anna), I think it is the one in Vista now.

    here are a couple links to hear some samples:

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    Just installed Roadrunner v. 11-12-2006, SAPI5 SDK, and then all the files listed in first post.
    Once I add UseVoiceControl=true a message box pops up saying

    "Run-time error -2123456789 (8001234). Method ~ of object ~ failed"

    Followed by

    "Run-time error 429: ActiveX component can't create object"


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    I've been using RoadRunner for quite some time and use your voice command SW as the primary interface. I would however like to create a unique interface for my car and would like to know if you can send my a copy of the source code?


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    So I just started using this the other day and it works nicely. It was extremely easy to setup and configure. But the only issue is it doesnt seem to respond to certain commands... I got next track, close and GPS to work, but I cant seem to pull up the destination screen after getting into GPS.

    Which version of this am I supposed to be using? the test version?
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