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Thread: iGMon - Solution for integration between iGuidance and Road Runner (I hope)

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    Thumbs up iGMon - Solution for integration between iGuidance and Road Runner (I hope)

    iGMon Version 2.0.1 Release

    iGMon 2.0.1

    Quick note to skinners:In the Default skin folder, I left iGWindows.ini, iGWindows.bmp and iGWindows_on.bmp in the distribution by mistake. You don't need to recreate these files. If you're not sure, just redownload iGMon from the link above.

    Changes in 2.0.1
    - ShowWidth, ShowHeight now moved into iGMon.ini
    EVERYONE add these following lines to iGMon.ini in the [Main] section (right after Skin=Default) like this.
    ;Name of the Skin folder inside \skins\
    Skin = Default
    ;The resolution that the skin will be displayed at, no matter what the original resolution is.
    ShowWidth = 800
    ShowHeight = 480
    (Add the last 3 lines and change ShowHeight to your correct resolution)

    - Added IGDialogs.ini skin for other IG popup dialogs such as Favorites, Recent Destinations, etc. Skinners, see IGDialogs.ini for details. Format is very similar to osk.ini.

    - SKNNERS: OriginalWidth, OriginalHeight moved into general.ini

    - SKINNERS: MaxInputChars now no longer needed. The font for TextInputBox can be anything now (doesn't have to be Courier like before).

    - Added option for disabling pausing for the "ding" sound. Just add the following lines to IGMon.ini (in the [GuidanceVoice] section)
    ;This is the time (in miliseconds) that iGMon waits before pausing/muting RR
    ;If you want to disable pausing for the "ding" sound, set this value to 800. Otherwise, set it to 0. If 800 doesn't work for you, raise the value to like 900 or until it works.
    TimeWaitBeforeMute = 500
    ;I edited and shortened the original MVR.wav (the ding sound) and included it in iGMon\IG_Snd. If you copy it to your iGuidance sound folder (for eg., C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\Snd), you can reduce TimeWaitBeforeMute to 500. This is recommended
    - Added the following commands.
    RestartIGMon - Restart iGMon
    Detour - Bring up the Avoid Road dialog
    ToggleCustomPOIs - Toggle between "Custom POIs ON" and "POIs OFF"

    - Added RestartIGMon.exe. When executed, it'll restart iGMon (forcefully if needed).

    - Added support for setting the Next Turn Street Name as a RR variable. Add these lines to iGMon.ini in the [ParseNextTurnStreet] section.
    ;Also, you can save the Next Turn Street Name to a Road Runner variable. Define the name of the RR var below then reference it in your RR skin by $VARNAME$. Check Skin Commands.txt for more details
    RRVarName = IGNextTurnStreetVar
    ;For example, to display this as a label code in your RR skin, use "=Next Turn: $IGNextTurnStreetVar$"
    (Add those lines just after RRLabelName = !iGNextTurnStreet)

    - Fixed issue with the zoom box freaking out

    - Fixed lots of memory leak

    - Fixed issue with ugly font on the OSK input box

    - Fixed bug on the OSK where it gets stuck if a POI has multiple locations (like grocery stores such as Safeway)

    - Fixed problem with Auto Mute sometimes not being responsive

    - Some cosmetic changes

    - Changes in 2.0.1 (from 2.0):
    Fixed SendMsg bug reported by EL CAMINO
    Added ToggleCustomPOIs command/button for wysocki
    Fixed a small bug in AutoZoom

    Upgrade Instructions
    - Back up your iGMon.ini if you don't want to lose your settings.
    - Exit iGMon
    - Download and unzip it over the old version
    - Copy your backup iGMon.ini over the new one
    - Open iGMon.ini and add those 3 new sections mentioned in the Change Notes.


    LSX - thanks, liquid_smoke

    MC 2.0 - thanks, sonicxtacy02

    1. Automatic switching Road Runner to the GPS screen (from any screen) when the Guidance screen comes on (ie. when you're about to make a turn) and switching back when done. This works like OEM Nav systems.
    2. Pausing RR when iGuidance is giving directions. You can also lower Winamp volume instead.
    3. On-Screen buttons that can perform various iGuidance tasks. Transparency is supported. Buttons will automatically "snap on" to the iGuidance map.
    4. Sending commands from RR buttons to iGuidance without relying on the unreliable SendKey method. A lot of custom commands are supported like GoHome, Favorites, NavigateNearestGasStation, etc. You can also send command from iGuidance back to RR.
    5. Magnifying several areas on the map, for example, the Speed box and the Distance to Next Turn box. Click-through is supported.
    6. Parsing and displaying the name of the street at next turn in LARGE font. This can also be displayed as a RR label.
    7. Auto Zoom like Destinator (still beta)
    8. Automatic killing the "Please make sure GPS receiver is connected" warning message.
    9. Fully skinnable On-Screen Keyboard with large buttons. See screen shot.

    iGMon has been tested against
    - the original iGuidance 2.1.1NA
    - iG 2.1.1NA with JustInTime's Big Button mod
    - iGuidance 2.1.3NA (thanks gonthorn)
    - iGuidance 2.1NA (thanks Sonicxtacy)
    - any of those versions embedded in iGSkinner, iGLaunch or SkinBedder (to remove the toolbar)
    - Windows XP

    People who use iGLaunch, see post #120 for instructions.

    Video of iGMon in action
    You will need XVid to view the clip.


    iGMon Beta 1.1 Release

    iGMon Beta 1.1

    - This version should work with SkinBedder and iGLaunch now.

    People who use iGLaunch, see post #120 for instructions.

    People who use the LSX Void skin, see post #108.

    Installation Checklist
    1. Latest version of Road Runner (Version 05-02-06 or later). I mean this!!!
    2. iGuidance set as the External GPS option in RRConfig** (see footnote)
    3. (Optional) GPS port set in RRConfig so that RR can provide GPS info on its own (this is for Auto Zoom)
    4. (Optional) iG version and OS version listed in the Compatibility List. Users of other versions please report back with results.
    5. (Optional) I highly recommend Justintime's Big Button Mod for upto iG 2.1.2NA. Check this thread. iGuidance Button modification (Centrafuse style)

    Installation Instructions
    1. Download iGMon from the link above and unzip it somewhere
    2. Run iGMon_Wizard.exe first. You will need to run the Wizard, RR and iGuidance at the same time so make sure your screen is set to a high resolution so that you can see them all.
    3. (Optional) The OSK is 800x480. If you want 800x600, open iGMon.ini and change ShowHeight to 600 (similar to Road Runner)
    4. After the Wizard is done, run iGuidance embedded in Road Runner
    5. Run iGMon.exe
    6. (Optional) Pray*
    7. (Optional) Read Known Issues.txt for a couple of known issues
    8. (Optional) Read iGMon.ini for more options. All the settings are in this file.

    If you're comfortable with manually editing iGMon.ini, just run the first step of the Wizard to determine the iGMapClassName value. When it tells you to close iGuidance, close it and exit the Wizard.

    * (just kidding)

    ** This is so that the EXTERNAL command will work. If you're an expert RR user/skinner, just replace EXTERNAL with whatever command you use to open iGuidance (like GPS) when running the iGMon Wizard.

    Please read iGMon.ini. You can find a lot more options and customization ideas in there. I spent a lot of time writting the comments so please read it. While you're at it, check OnScreenButtons.ini and OSK.ini.

    Some Known Issues
    Besides the ones listed in Known Issues.txt, a couple users and I have experienced the following.
    - The next turn popup is still buggy. Sometimes it displays blank street name. Sometimes it displays the correct street name but immediately flashes to a blank street name. There's some timing issue. I'll see what I can do.

    Upcoming Features
    When I get this version stabilized and when I find the time and motivation, these features will probably be added (in the order of most likely to least).
    - More skinning commands
    - Better error handling in IGmon (so it crashes less often)
    - Skin syncing with Road Runner
    - Skinnable popup with skinnable Next Turn Arrow (ie. provide your own images)
    - Displaying the Next Turn Arrow as an image on any RR screen
    - Numerical OSK for entering house number (overkill?)
    - Brand-new skinnable iGMon Menu system. Don't you hate it when you go to iGuidance Menu, the map stops moving? The new iGmon menu system will support transparency so you can still see the map moving underneath.
    - More consistent Auto Zoom
    - Built-in embedding and removing borders from iGuidance so you won't have to use iGLaunch or SkinBedder, etc.
    - Optional anti-aliasing for fast PCs

    So, this is where I beg for $$$.

    Anyway, if you like my app and would like to donate, I'd really appreciate it.

    Donate to b8bboi

    Thanks for all the interests!!

    Donation List
    nameeri - $25 (first donation - woo hoo )
    kbreeden - $20
    Dylan98R/T - $5
    wysocki - $50
    Viscouse - $20
    C. Ferraro - $20 (I don't have your username)

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    Screen Shots
    As most of the good stuff is done behind the screen, there aren't many screen shots. Nevertheless, here're a few.

    Main screen with the zoomed speed box and on-screen buttons

    Notice the big Menu button that replaces the tiny IG's menu button. These buttons are completely skinnable and customizable. You can add more or remove them as you wish.

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    Large Street Name at Next Turn being displayed

    (The popup will go away in 5 seconds)

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    Sounds very promising. I'd be glad to help beta-test.

    Gen 1: Pentium 3 1GHz - ATX - 2005
    Gen 2: Pentium M 1.6GHz - ITX - 2006
    Gen 3: Pentium M 2.0GHz - 5.25" SBC - 2007
    Gen 4: (coming soon: Core2 Duo - 3.5" SBC - 2009) never ends

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    Distance to Next Turn box being zoomed

    Also notice the yellow Next Turn Street Name being displayed as a RR label.

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    so where can we get it?

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    Finally, the fully skinnable OSK in action

    Notice that the iGuidance list box that displays the street names is also magnified. iG's tiny and ugly interface is hidden behind.

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    Awesome dude! Cant wait to try it out. And thanks for your contribution..its very much appreciated.
    Civiputer: Dont have one anymore, but here is what is used to be!

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    For the OSK, i'm assuming that the "Next" button it mapped to "enter"?

    (btw, do you want me to remove my post up there? It's between your posts, sorry!)

    Gen 1: Pentium 3 1GHz - ATX - 2005
    Gen 2: Pentium M 1.6GHz - ITX - 2006
    Gen 3: Pentium M 2.0GHz - 5.25" SBC - 2007
    Gen 4: (coming soon: Core2 Duo - 3.5" SBC - 2009) never ends

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    Yes, the Next button maps to "Enter."

    Don't worry about it.

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