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Thread: COM plugin for Winamp

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    COM plugin for Winamp

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    It looks pretty cool and a good way to make custom steering wheel controls.

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    I have used it for five years now and it never let me down
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    I'm actually in the process of using this...unfortunately I'm out of com ports, and the pci serial card I thought was in working condition isn' I have to replace it...any way, I wired a relay to the serial port so that when the relay is on, it pushes button 1 and holds it, and when it's off it pushes button 2 and holds it. The relay is triggered by the ACC line. Both buttons pause winamp.

    The purpose of this is that when I stop the car, it pauses the music, and when I start the car again, it unpauses the music. Tested it on my laptop, works great.
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