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Thread: How-to request: How to play audioCDs in roadrunner?

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    How-to request: How to play audioCDs in roadrunner?

    Hi all guyz
    I searched the forum to find out how to play audio cds in roadrunner (for audio cds i mean a cd witch may contain *.cda files or other media files such as *.mp3 files or both )

    a bit for my english and a bit because i am not at an advanced programming level i finally haven't understood nothing about this...

    Can someone give me a solution for this?

    i just want roadrunner to play (or autoplay) the content of a media cd when i insert it (and maybe returns to the previous windows when the cd exits the drive)

    Someone has an idea?

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    make a search and u will find it. it's simple... i've searched once too and î have founded it

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    ty... just today i found a way studing the cfx skin

    now i'm wondering another thing

    if i insert an mp3cd with subfolders obviously winamps shows all mp3 in the list

    i was wondering if there is a way to make a "linked" folder pointing to the cd drive letter.... this way i can use the normal built-in browser of the skin and i can see folders in the cd

    anyone got an idea?

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