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Thread: cool idea for a plug in.

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    cool idea for a plug in.

    It's possible that someone already thought of this but it would be cool if someone can program a plug in which you type in your zipcode and displays all the latest gas prices... any takers?

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    Are you for real?

    It's already native to RR.

    If you are in the US that is. If not then you need to find a site that has them for your country and pass them onto EvolutionIII

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    Talking "Are You for Real"... I love it!


    That would be a really great idea actually! That is, if it was not done a few months ago already. You obviousally stumbled across the forums, and kept your eyes closed until till you saw the "Post New Topic Button" I mean the topic is in black and white on the FIRST page of the forums.

    Ok, here it is on a plate....

    To save yourself a little grief on the forums, it is HIGHLY recommended you do a little searching for something first, before posting.
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