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Thread: Important question!!

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    Important question!!

    I'm a newbie, and I wonder is there a rr plugin or another front end that can read directly from itunes media lybrary (xml file)??? I don't care if rr uses winamp as a player, I don't care if it does not load itunes, what I care is that the software reads directly from the itunes xml file.

    Is there a front end capable of doing that?

    I would use my carputer basically to play music, and I also need a front end that can read embedded mp3 artwork.

    Finally but not completely necessary I would like that the front end has a controller of window transitions and that it has visualisations.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    I know nothing about the iTunes XML file, as I personall do not use iTunes.

    But if you are looking for the features that you mentioned, Road Runner can do all of them:

    - Display embeded artwork
    - You can use transitions on the Road Runner skins
    - Visulizations can be customized to whatever you want to use, including transparencies over the top of the skin

    This is all done with Road Runner's build in Winamp control and interfacing.

    Through Road Runner, you can also create, load & save playlists ect.
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    just curious, but why do you want it to read the xml file? Isnt this just where itunes stores its database of where your songs are located and its meta data?

    From what i understand RR connects directly to the ipod and reads the files so it really has no point in also looking at the xml file. Also i think i just read somewhere guino saying itunes should not be installed on the carpc.
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    It is because I have my music well organized in itunes. However I could re-organize it in winamp. What I really need is media library to work with road runner. I mean being able to read "winamp's smart views" or "itunes' smart playlists" that I have created on the computer. I know road runner can create it's own playlists but I prefer using smart views or smart playlists.

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