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Thread: RRHQCT Radio Extension Plugin

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    Quote Originally Posted by 307SW_NLD View Post
    The extention plugin is a .dll file that RR needs to know about. So the line X,RRHQCTp in your will load the dll and with that the labels, commands and indicators I have been programming in the dll are available for you to use on all of your screens. In the Netherlands for example the location of the mobile traffic camera's are transmitted on some of the stations. So while playing MP3 it's still good to have the RDSTEXT in your screen to check for updates.

    Check my radio skin to see what objects are available to use.

    Last week I have build my carpc back into my car and I'm currently testing the plugin. Expect an update soon....
    so, any updates?

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    This is the latest update I have. I currently have a SiLABS radio now and made an extention plugin for it. This plugin has a modular structure and I'm planning to make the HQCT part of this plugin so I don't have to maintain serveral plugins. So I dont expect to update this plugin after I have released the HQCT version of the other plugin...
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    See: Velleman K8055 Plugin for Road Runner

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    Anyone got this working? I don't..

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