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Thread: Mediaplayer classic slow start

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    Mediaplayer classic slow start

    I am using the latest RR and MPC. A fairly new ffdshow codec pack. 700+ mixed avi,mpg...
    When I start the videomode in RR it takes maybe 15 sec for it to start. When I start MPC outside of RR with the same musicvideoplaylist it fires up right away. Am I the only one with this problem? The internal player starts right away in RR with the same playlist.
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    am lost MPC is the internal player in roadrunner
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    The internal player is in fact not MPC. The internal player uses the windows API to playback video if I'm not mistaken. Unchecking "use inbuilt player" will force to use MPC.

    Back to the topic: I have no idea why it would do that, just posted to point out the above.

    Also, why is this in the RR Plugins folder?
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