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Thread: Movie Listings... Coming to an RR near you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    it'll be done long before that lol. All else i gotta add is the favorite theaters feature then I'm done. Problem is i'm goin today for some dental work and may be outta whack the next few days. But if you dont mind the favs feature not bein present you can beta test today.
    Someone say beta test!
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    files for testing

    Anyone have the files for this, i cant seem to get the download link on the first post to work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GizmoQ View Post
    Someone say beta test!
    beta test!
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    Well well well.. it appears big brother is watching!

    I just got a Cease & Desist warning in my gmail. We just might be goin back to the drawing board here. I do have other (easier) ways to obtain Theaters and showtimes but getting poster art, description and all that good stuff pretty much has to come from one of the main data sources. Suggestions?

    if ANYONE knows of another program that succeeds in what we're trying to do here let me know please. I know that Meedio and XBMC are having the same issues i'm having. I also know that the ford sync system pulls data successfully from somewhere i just dont know where. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Man that sucks..I've been waiting on this update for a while holding my breath... I'll look around also but is probably hard to find a "public" database to use especially for the art and stock descriptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    I do have other (easier) ways to obtain Theaters and showtimes but getting poster art, description and all that good stuff pretty much has to come from one of the main data sources. Suggestions?
    What about hooking into Netflix?

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    You could also look into using Microsoft's Bing API. Bing (formerly Windows Live Search) works great on windows mobile for returning movie listings and times.

    If nobody else does this, eventually I may get around to it. Depends on how motivated I feel. Usually I just use the Bing app on my phone but I admit it'd be wicked to have it on the truck pc.

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    the movie plugin dont working anymore ah ? i like it that plugin , you think fix ? thanks

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