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    Arrow FMOD Player Plugin

    FMOD Player for Ride Runner

    This is a player plugin for Ride Runner which uses the FMOD library as the audio engine.
    This is a slightly updated version of the old FMOD player plugin (no extra features, just internal improvements to allow support for newer OS versions).

    This plugin provides the choice to use FMOD with Ride Runner instead of winamp/wmp/foobar2000/iTunes.

    -FMOD.DLL (included with package)
    -Ride Runner 5-1-2009 (Untested with previous versions)
    Available at:

    -Copy FMODRR.DLL to the desired location of install and use regsvr32 to register it.
    For instance: regsvr32 FMODRR.DLL (from a command prompt)
    -Copy FMOD.DLL to the same location of FMODRR.DLL
    -In RR.INI set (make sure there's no winamppath= setting):

    -You can customize the Visualization of FMOD using the commands:

    "player;backcolor;Red;Green;Blue" - Set the red/green/blue colors for the back of the visualization.
    "player;barcolor;Red;Green;Blue" - Set the red/green/blue colors for the bars of the visualization.
    "player;showpeak;true" - Sets if the visualization should have peaks (true) or not (false)
    "player;peakcolor;Red;Green;Blue" - Set the red/green/blue colors for the peaks of the visualization.
    * The range of each red/green/blue color is between 0 and 255.
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