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Thread: HD Radio muted?

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    HD Radio muted?

    Mitch! Help! I'm using an early (maybe the first?) version of your UAS device with HD Radio and XM. With my last update of RR(5/1-- previous version was probably 2/1) my HDRadio is muted once I've launched XM. HD Radio works fine unless I switch over to XM. After that HD will launch, I can change channels, etc, but there's no sound. I've un/re-installed RR and the plug-in, but same behavior. Also tried different skins (DFX4, Carwings) and same result. Here's a debug log.
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    hey, u might have found something
    i obsolelted hdradioport

    but i see it referenced in plugin

    will look


    double check rr.ini

    [MJSG UAS]

    or what ever u got

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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