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Thread: DFXVoice A Voice Control Plugin [v1.1.0.1 Released 09/23/2012]

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    I'm using this plugin by some months and it works under win7 64bit and 32bit (not using the music collection),
    i would ask to the developer if could be possible to upgrade the current version using "Microsoft Speech Platform" it support most likely all languages instead the classic engine, i would just ask if it "could" be possible to edit the current version adapting that sdk.
    It will definitively solve the problem about language support
    ps: take a look here for the list of supported (26) languages
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    Absolute newb question here, but I can't seem to get DFXVoice work for more than one command. i.e. it'll "wake up computer", but I haven't been able to successfully program a button to enable voice commands. I've been reading old threads for 3+ hours, can't find anything other than "DFXVoice". That means I need to add a line of code to KeyTbl. What is the exact code I need to add to make it work for, say, the tilda button `? I've tried adding it manually by adding 192,"DFXVoice" to no avail. I've also tried it in RRConfig Hotkeys, but it doesn't work either.

    I'm Running DFX5 skin. Another way I can activate the voice commands is to add a button, right? What steps do I need to go through to accomplish that?

    Sorry for the newb questions, I've tried to find the answers but I'm new, just started coding. Thanks in advance!!
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