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Thread: RRSygicDrive (Sygic Fully Embedded into RideRunner)

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    RRSygicDrive (Sygic Fully Embedded into RideRunner)

    This is my new job .
    I try to build a plugin for Sygic Drive .
    Sygic Industries has done an API around Sygic Drive.
    This API is compatible .NET but the exemple given are just in C#, so i have traduce it in VB.NET 2010 .
    I have now a dll for RideRunner and i can extract what i want from Sygic or command the Sygic's menus as i want .
    I have the GPS coordinates in real time but also the address in real time , etc...

    This plugin need that each user has the Sygic's drivers dll into the windows folder, and the API dll into the plugin folder.
    The Sygic SDK dlls are not free.(These dlls are given with each Sygic licence)

    I have received this day (1/24/2012) a Sygic FLEET mail which allows me to give freely my Sygic plugin, this is the mail:
    To your question, I have spoken to our Fleet Business Unit Director about your query. According to the information he has provided me, please feel free to recommend the plugin you have developed by using the Sygic SDK to other Sygic Fleet 10 product users. Sygic Fleet 10 can be purchased here:

    By purchasing Sygic Fleet 10, users will have access to your plugin and the right to use Sygic SDK whose functions you have used when developing your plugin.

    Please note: Your plugin will not work with Sygic GPS Navigation (product for end users that can be purchased via Apple and Android AppStores) as Sygic GPS Navigation does not include the SDK. It will also not work without purchasing the Sygic Fleet 10 license.
    As you can see, each user of this plugin need to buy a Sygic FLEET licence !

    Actually, i can:
    -multi languages
    -read the GPS coordinates
    -read the address
    -send an address to Sygic.
    -create an itinery
    -go to each Sygic menu
    -check if the settings of Sygic are the same that RR (speed,time,keyboard...) and change them if needs.
    -turn by turn function

    Ride Runner Skin Commands and Definitions v1.0.1
    rrsygicdrive_initinterface                                      run the interface between RR and Sygic
    rrsygicdrive_runsygic                                           run sygic embedded into RR (load;
    rrsygicdrive_fullview                                           load the full view Sygic's screen (load;
    rrsygicdrive_stdview                                            reload the default Sygic screen
    rrsygicdrive_background						put sygic in background(hidden)
    rrsygicdrive_foreground						put sygic in normal view
    rrsygicdrive_closeinterface                                     close the interface between RR and Sygic
    rrsygicdrive_exit                                               exit screen command
    rrsygicdrive_settings                                           launch the settings screens (LOAD; &
    rrsygicdrive_language_select                                    select the new language
    rrsygicdrive_language_updatelist                                update the list of languages (Languages.txt)
    rrsygicdrive_getactualpos                                       give the actual gps position
    rrsygicdrive_navigatetomenu                                     open the menu 'Navigate to'
    rrsygicdrive_navigationfromto                                   navigate from your actual point to a destination
    rrsygicdrive_checkunit                                          check if the Sygic units and settings are the same as RR (units,time,keyboard),
                                                                    open a Sygic message and run a command YES or a command NO(use the rrsygicdrive_showmessage cmd)
    rrsygicdrive_synchronizeyes                                     run the YES command
    rrsygicdrive_synchronizeno                                      run the NO command
    rrsygicdrive_timeformat_eu                                      configure the time like 'Europe (14:00)'
    rrsygicdrive_timeformat_us                                      configure the time like 'US (2:00)'
    rrsygicdrive_timeformat_uk                                      configure the time like 'UK (2:00 PM)'
    rrsygicdrive_flashmessage                                       launch a little 'flash message' on Sygic
    								("rrsygicdrive_flashmessage;your .... message")
    rrsygicdrive_showmessage                                        launch a full window message on Sygic with two commands cmd1 and cmd2 defined into your exectbl.ini file
    								("rrsygicdrive_showmessage;This is a test;3;cmd1;cmd2")
    rrsygicdrive_changepath                                         change the drive.exe path
    rrsygicdrive_changearguments                                    change the arguments for drive.exe
    rrsygicdrive_onlineusername					write your username into the ini file
    rrsygicdrive_onlinepassword					write your password into the ini file
    rrsygicdrive_onlinelogin					check if you are online with the sygic's services
    rrsygicdrive_checkdll						check if the API dll are into the good places .
    rrsygicdrive_countrydown					select the countries panel
    rrsygicdrive_countryup						select the countries panel
    rrsygicdrive_sgpsposition					(on test)
    rrsygicdrive_plugindesc                                         return RRSygicDrive.NET
    rrsygicdrive_pluginver                                          return the plugin's version
    rrsygicdrive_mylabel                                            return the plugin's name
    rrsygicdrive_language                                           return the language who is actif
    rrsygicdrive_windowname                                         return the window's name of Sygic
    rrsygicdrive_sygicpath                                          return the Sygic's path
    rrsygicdrive_sygicarguments                                     return the arguments
    rrsygicdrive_latitude                                           return latitude
    rrsygicdrive_longitude                                          return longitude
    rrsygicdrive_address                                            return the address
    rrsygicdrive_nextinstruction					return the next instruction when a route is computed(itinery actif)
    rrsygicdrive_distancetonextturn					return the distance for the next instruction
    rrsygicdrive_estimatedtimearival                                return the estimated time arrival
    rrsygicdrive_vartypetosend					return that an external plugin send to sygic (poi or itinery) 
    rrsygicdrive_info                                               return the Sygic's messages (err, etc...)
    rrsygicdrive_settingssynchronized                               return if Sygic is synchronized with RR(units,time,keyboard)
    rrsygicdrive_rrunits                                            return the status's units
    rrsygicdrive_events                                             return if the events are actif or not
    rrsygicdrive_mapversion						return map version(not actif)
    rrsygicdrive_onlinestatus					return the online status 
    rrsygicdrive_onlineusername					return the sygic online service username
    rrsygicdrive_onlinepassword					return the sygic online service password
    rrsygicdrive_countrypanels					return the country's panels type (eu,uk,us ...)
    rrsygicdrive_gpsok                                              true if interface is active and gps ok
    rrsygicdrive_language_actual                                    return the flag's language (.gif)
    rrsygicdrive_nextinstructionind					return the next instruction panel
    rrsygicdrive_speedlimit						return the speed limit panel
    rrsygicdrive_vartypetosend                                      true = send point to sygic, false = send itinery to sygic
    rrsygicdrive_initonstart					true = sygic sdk is running when syggic is launched
    rrsygicdrive_minimize                                           true = sygic minimized on start
    rrsygicdrive_events                                             true = sygic events are active
    rrsygicdrive_events_flashmessage				(not actif)
    rrsygicdrive_online						true if sygic online service are actif
    [Indicators used by click]
    rrsygicdrive_initonstart                                        modify the 'run interface on start'
    rrsygicdrive_minimize                                           modify 'minimized on start'	
    rrsygicdrive_changepath                                         modify the sygic path
    rrsygicdrive_changearguments                                    modify the sygic arguments
    rrsygicdrive_rrunits                                            modify the RR units into rr.ini
    rrsygicdrive_events                                             modify events activity
    rrsygicdrive_events_flashmessage				(not actif)
    rrsygicdrive_online_username					modify the syic online service username
    rrsygicdrive_online_password					modify the syic online service password
    rrsygicdrive_online						active or not the sygic online service
    on_rrsygicdrive_route_usercancel				you can use all these events into your exectbl.ini file
    V1.01 02/13/2012
    2-turn by turn next instruction with panels indicators
    3-speedlimit panels

    V1.0.0 01/26/2012
    First version
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    Quote Originally Posted by pierrotm777 View Post
    My plugin need that each user has the Sygic's drivers dll into the windows folder, and the API dll into the plugin folder.
    This is these dlls that are not free.(These dlls are given with each Sygic licence)

    Looks good.

    Are these DLL's the same that come with a standard SygicDrive purchase or are they special ones to work with the API?

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    No, We need 3 dlls, ApplicationAPI.NET.dll, ApplicationApi.dll and sdkdriver.dll that are given with each licence

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    Sorry, no the api licence is given with the sygic licence and the price is the sygic price for one licence .

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    I already have the SDK for sygic 14g. (including the program) would you be able to send me you're plugin? Does it work with 14g?

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    I wait the Sygic answer !!! Sorry

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    first the use of "sygic drive" is wrong, they dont make or sell that anymore, but they do make "Sygic Fleet"... funny thing is the .exe you run is still named drive.exe...

    with the confusing put a side there is a list of (free from their site) with api calls you can make and even in both directions..

    so to make it short... the price for the api/sdk license is 0 or 0€ or 0$... it comes free with sygic fleet
    Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.

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    link to docs and api calls

    link to a page called sdk even thou it does not tell much
    Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.

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