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Thread: RRm3uCreator [Update Feb14 2014]

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    RRm3uCreator [Update Feb14 2014]


    Here is a very helpful plugin for me.
    My problem was, RR always adds audiofiles to playlist incl. Subfolders.
    So i coded an own plugin which can do this job without Subfolders.
    I included an extra function, to browse through paths and add files with only one button.

    Update 2014 Feb14:
    upd: small changes to work better with new RR Release (maybe this mounth) great thx to mitchjs for the optimized ONDLPOSCHANGE event

    Update 2014 Feb08:
    bugfix: some files were missed and unsorted before
    add: new var for button optics
    new: playlist file now in unicode

    With this plugin you can load audiofiles only from current browserpath (without subfolders) to playlist.

    Has just 2 Commands:

    RRm3uCreator;select : see descriptions below
    RRm3uCreator;!select : same above without cancel. to stay on the screen

    Variable for Button Icon:

    RRM3UCREATOR_BT : gets three states 00, 01, 02 for using with indicator

    I23,962,295,078,078,"VAR;RRM3UCREATOR_BT",,,"BT_SE LECT_*.png"

    About the Doing:
    if you select a folder, the plugin reply "BROWSE" to open the folder

    if you select "..", the plugin reply "BACK" to go up one folder

    if you select an audiofile,
    - the plugin saves all audiofiles incl. path (added in rr.ini at AudioFiles) to RRm3uCreator.m3u in pluginpath.
    - the plugin compare the selected file by postion in playlist and plays the song after loading playlist in RideRunner.
    - the Plugin names the playlist Label in RideRunner like folder name.

    when you add these line to ExecTBL.ini, it should work without editing skin files:
    "SELECT","RRm3uCreator;SELECT",audio_browser.s kin
    if you need it, try it.
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    did some changes

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