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Thread: eLite Lite 1.6.6 (NEWS UPDATE 9-15-11)

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    Dec 2007
    Kimota, I couldn't have said it better. Maybe I will have a working Carpc by the time you finish.

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    Low Bitrate InfinitiPC's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Subscribing. Great, now I am waiting for 2 skins to come out (this and Omega). Personally, I'd rather have a broken beta release now than wait for the final working skin (since I have to mod it for dual-screens and would like to get started on that), but lately skinners seem to not want to release until it is 100% done and tested. Oh well, I guess I understand that thinking, I just want to start working on my dual-screen asap and am not talented enough to do the graphics on my own.

    Great looking skin! Can't wait.

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    Holding a skin until 100% completion does 2 things that I can see:

    1) it builds eagerness. You want this skin, you'll pay attention to it as long as there's updates.
    2) it ensures a good experience. If you wait for it and its all messed up, you will probably blame the author, even if it is incomplete -- well, theres always some people who will...

    I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and your idea of style is very similar to mine. Great job.

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    Feb 2008
    holy sex i need this skin! good work mate!

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    Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
    daaaamn. no matter if beta 1 or beta 2
    both are SEXY!!!!

    the only thing 1 don't like on beta 2 is the logo shrinking the middle buttons icons

    dont know... maybe moving the logo to the top left corner would give it a little more symmetry balancing with the date/clock to the right and letting the buttons to be the same size the others

    keep up the pro work, dude


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    Aug 2007
    Toronto, Canada
    really nice stuff.... come on guysss.... make a room on the waiting list for me too

    In theory, theory and practice are the same, but in practice, they never are.

    A good memory for quotes combined with a poor memory for attribution can lead to a false sense of originality.

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    UPDATE 06-27-08
    This is quick update on the skin. I have changed the look of the main screen with the new icons and added some new graphics. This will be the final version before release.

    Main Screen & Audio Player

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    Constant Bitrate will_santana's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
    ok, ok...

    now u got me begging for it!!


    1 last tip: add some space between the logo/date and the indicators bar. they are a lil bit too close
    or maybe make the entertainment/tools/settings bar a lil thicker and putting the indicators bar bellow it

    neither way this skin is AWSOME
    none other skin impressed me this much since tensai's and some few others

    do you plan releasing the .psd's?
    we don't have a music browser preview, but i guess that cover browser stuff AS AN OPTION would be perfect for this level of professionalism


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    HOly ****... I think I've finally found my skin.

    Dying for this to come out...

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    Apr 2006
    Northern VA

    Thumbs up

    Love the skin.
    It's simple but elegant... I'm tired of all the skins that are too 'busy'.
    This will go perfect with the project car I'm about to start on!

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