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Thread: eLite Lite 1.6.6 (NEWS UPDATE 9-15-11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xero View Post
    Love the skin.
    It's simple but elegant... I'm tired of all the skins that are too 'busy'.
    Agreed. I'm not using RR but love this skin so much I might have to use some of the design cues to make my own skin in CaveLive. A lot of these skins look great but when they're on a 7" screen and you're going 75 down the freeway they become a bit difficult to use. Elite looks like it might fit the bill. Elegant, professional looking, yet simple.

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    I can't wait....!

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    UPDATE 07-07-08
    This is quick update on the skin. I have finally finish reworking the IG Navigation screen. The original screen was a wide mode window but I felt it was too small. I also reworked the top bar for easier reading. No more changes will come to the top bar and the navigation screen. I so reworked the OSK, take a look.

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    Your getting just as bad at teasing as Blue ZX3 is with the media plugin.

    Still patiently waiting!
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    you are such a tease!

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    This is looking really slick, can't wait to try out the beta.
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    It's just an impressive work...

    I can't wait this to come out!!!

    Why don't you suggest this skin to RR's creators to make it the official one? It's simply impressive!

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    Ha! RR is open-source and it doesn't come with a default skin at all.

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    RR Installer comes with the BMV2 skin. A lot of people consider it the "default" skin.

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    after about 1year and 7 months I'm finally near to put my carPc in the car...I think I'll wait another bit to put this awesome skin

    I hope that you plan to realease the psd also, so we can keep it updated into times without bother you

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