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Thread: eLite Lite 1.6.6 (NEWS UPDATE 9-15-11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blk02si View Post
    A nice option indeed but since I would estimate 95% of users here are english speaking I would opt to skip it at this point.

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    agreed..skip the language part for now..put that as a 1.5 option..otherwise go and finish that because im anxious to get your skin!! haha

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    That really does look amazing. You've got to release it
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    I'm waiting for this skin before I re-install my carputer... Looks great!
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    damn nice!!

    top of my wish list now!

    best new design around!!


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    is there a way to get this skin to have Sirius radio? other than that i love it

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    wow, looks great! I was gonna attempt at my own skin at some point after i finish my build and the software dev part. But i might be able to skip that now since you've got something pretty tastful.

    How about adding an orange pallete in there to match toyota's interior? Here's the hex for the color #eb7015. Thats the closest i can get i think.

    Oh yeah, some constructive criticism:
    - to help with compatibility on a wide range of monitors and resolutions (5", 6.5", 7", 8"), try and keep some padding from edge of the skin to text. Meaning, dont put any kind of text (like song titles) too close to the edge. Move it in about 10-15px for some wiggle room.

    - If buttons are to be on the edge of the skin, you should move them in (like the text) or make it extra big since a lot of touchscreens do not work around the 1/8"-1/4" edge of the screen.

    -Clickable area for the music controls at the bottom could probably use a little more clickable area from a usability standpoint. These controls will probably be used a lot, and remember we're driving!

    Thats it for now. Awsome otherwise.

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    what font is that. i love this skin! Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    HDRadio skin "teaser" please?
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    Font Type

    The font that I am using is HandelGotD. It looks great and can easily be read.

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