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Thread: eLite Lite 1.6.6 (NEWS UPDATE 9-15-11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by suavecito View Post
    [B]The link has been updated with the new template for eLite Lite 1.5 and on.

    As for eLite Lite 800 x 600, it is coming and will be released soon under the name eLite Streamline.
    Elite Lite will always be the 800 x 480 version and Elite Streamline the 800 x 600 version.
    There have been some changes with mid menu bar. It has now been relocated to the top and the back button has been moved to the left top corner of the screen.
    good...but i can tell you one thing? my opinion, the mid mený bar and the back button is better have they at the bottom, because when we are driving, they are closer to the shift gear...and all at the same portion of the screen (bottom)....

    this is only one my opinion

    anyway, it looks like very nice

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    Tommy your fix is brilliant. Worked first time, no messing about! Thank you!!! Best embedded satnav, evar!!

    Quick question, i've been using Winamp to organise my music, since forever, however, I have no idea how to implement it into this skin any better than just creating playlists. How do I add music to the music library???

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    thanks dLocker....but i have only finished 1 skin which it was incomplete....if it was simple to do, is only because elite skin is done good....

    to add music to your music library, you have to set first the path in RRConfig...then you can see the music folder/songs in the can choose to add the single files with the button ADD or add the folder/album selected pressing ADD FOLDER....

    when you have done this, you'll see the music files in the playlist skin

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    this is the correct ExecTBL.ini....

    the one uploaded in the garmin patch zip by me, is missing of the background command patch2 fixes...

    this is the correct :


    /----------------- START Dynamic Menu Buttons --------------------
    /-----------------------------HOLD BUTTONS FUCTIONS-----------------------------
    / This sets up the applications for when you press and HOLD a Main Menu Button

    /-----------------------------ENTERTAINMENT SCREENS-----------------------------



    /-----------------------------TOOLS SCREENS-----------------------------



    /-----------------------------SETTINGS SCREENS-----------------------------



    /-----------------------------SETTINGS SCREENS-----------------------------


    /----------------- END Dynamic Menu Buttons --------------------




    /-----------------------------CLICK FILES-----------------------------


    /-----------------------------HD RADIO-----------------------------

    "SETINDBYLABEL","EVAL;labelstat;strcomp("$HDCHAN$" ;"")||BYVAR;labelstat;SETINDBYLABEL2<<INDOPT1"
    "SETINDBYLABEL2","EVAL;labelstat;strcomp("$HDCHAN$ ";"1")||BYVAR;labelstat;INDOPT3<<INDOPT2"

    /----------------------------IG BUTTONS------------------------------------/
    "IG_HOME","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks.exe|h ome"
    "IG_GAS","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks.exe|ga s"
    "IG_ZOOM_IN","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks.ex e|zoom in"
    "IG_ZOOM_OUT","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks.e xe|zoom out"
    "IG_ADDRESS","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks.ex e|address"
    "IG_vIEW_MODE","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks. exe|view"
    "IG_POI","RUN;$SKINPATH$Support\Navi\iGlnks.exe|po i"

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    suavecito, PM for you

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    Here onother skin's preview....i'm making this Rear View Camera skin usin the Robby's plugin...

    for now, i'll lunch manually the skin, but the next step is to buy the pic controller and park sensor by him to start the skin automatically when the rear gear is engage...

    here the preview with my xbox connected in Video Input Connector (RCA) on my Terratec Cinergy 600

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    Nice work I'm liking how this skin is coming along.

    Back button at the top could work though does this mean that the gps skin has been modified so it no longer has the control menu bar then the menu with the back button on top of that. This took up too much room in my opinion.

    also any chance that this skin could support Opera? As far as I know Opera is the only browser with a low-bandwidth mode to help when you have a weak signal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyBlade View Post

    Back button at the top could work though does this mean that the gps skin has been modified so it no longer has the control menu bar then the menu with the back button on top of that. This took up too much room in my opinion.
    you could modify it your own and how you prefer to maximize the gps area ....i've done the skin right that because in 800 x 600 resolution in my opinion garmin has the right area...

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    Suavecito, excellent work mate.

    I'm still having problems with the song info missing in title bar at startup in 1.6.6 (ok in 1) and song info missing in title bar at album change in all version thus far (pressing next track sorts it - and then obviously previous track again). Any pointers (hoping I've not missed it in this thread)?

    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Integrating ZSNESW into eLite Lite

    I'm trying to integrate the zsnes emulator into elite skin.
    Basically I have a button that loads a skin showing a list of roms to choose from, as in current playlist.

    After you select your rom, another skin is loaded and zsnes is launched by command line then embedded in the skin.

    Now I need to send keys to the zsnes, like pause (P key) and quit (ESC key). I tried with SENDKEY command but have no success at all, even if I first activate the zsnes window then send the key.

    This is the command associated to the pause button:

    The window activation works correctly so that if I stroke P on the keyboard the game pauses; the sendkey instead seems to fail, and I can't understand why!!

    Then I tried with Autohotkey, wrote a macro like that:

     WinActivate ZSNES 
     Send {p}
    So that when I press CTRL+ALT+a the ZSNES window first receive focus then receive a "p" keystroke. Tried outside RR and it does not work!! Again, focus on zsnes window works correctly but no keystroke seems to been sent.
    After a lot of reading and tries I reached that form of script:

     WinActivate ZSNES 
     SetKeyDelay 0,500
     Send {p}
    Not too different from the previous one but... this works!
    The only difference is on the duration of the keystroke.
    Maybe the Sendkey command in RR suffer the same problem?

    Any idea on how to solve?

    Attached to this message you will find the skin definitions and png images; there's also a line added in the skin.ini just to externalize the roms path from the skin files (any advice on how to improve this is welcome!)
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