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Thread: eLite Lite 1.6.6 (NEWS UPDATE 9-15-11)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    well your post is on page 44 for me, so I don't think that's going to work.

    Put the post number on in future.
    Good #677

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    Regarding to Album Cover, it still doesn't work even with elite 1.6.6 for 4:3 square screen. but here is the hot-fix:

    install elite 1.6.6 for 16:9 wide-screens then open General.ini file and modify show-height to 600 (so skin would fit you 800x600 square 4:3 screen). then you will find album covers working as well!

    remember to set rr config as well:

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    Configure new button to open Internet Explorer to web page


    Windows 7, Current version of RR , Elite Lite 1.6, Internet Explorer 8
    I would like to configure a button that when pressed opens the WEB Browser skin and then opens a specific webpage. I know I can setup Internet Explorer to open a home page and just use that , but I want to configure multiple buttons that open different web sites.

    How would I go about that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skincommands.txt

    "WEBURL" - This allows you to make a shortcut button to specific URLs. The one parameter is the URL to open.
    Example: "WEBURL;"

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    Thanks for the info. I am not a skinner and as such had not known of this command.

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    I had been using this skin on another PC but recently upgraded to another PC and I'm trying to set up this skin on the new one. When I used this skin before, I could click and drag to scroll through the playlist and library, but it's not working on the new install. I have ensured that the settings match in RRConfig between the two PC's. Ilists are enabled. The latest DirectX runtime is installed. However, I was running a version of RR from late 2009 and I am now using the latest release.

    It's probably something simple that I am missing, but I haven't been able to find the answer on my own.

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratch View Post
    Good #677
    i applied the fix here and the OSK comes up great, however GMPC loses focus and goes behind elite.

    haven't seen anyone mention this, so i'm hoping there is a configuration error on my part. any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Well the first place to start for any skinning commands is skincommands.txt in the documents folder.
    Well the WEBURL command works, however it only opens the page specified and does not open or load the file so that the on screen skin with buttons and so forth are present. I have tried a bunch of different combinations of the load;;weburl; and none that I have tried result in the skin AND the web page shortcut showing up together. I get either the skin or the web page. Doh!

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