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Thread: iDrive F01 -Alpha Release- !!Question to skinners - Post 40!!

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    great skin, love the oem look and its nice and simple for me too; I was looking for a skin without internet and lots of other options in it as I just want it for music, movies, pics and nav in my car..

    one question though; im using igo8 for my nav and regardless of where i tell it to open the igo window in the igo pc_sys config file it always ends up horizontally aligned where the skin wants it to go (ie aligned with the top corner of the side-bar in its extended position) which cuts the right hand end off my nav window.. is there a way around this so i can get it aligned more to the left? I was hoping to align my window at zero on the horizontal.. While this would mean the sidebar would overlap the nav window a bit I can live with this as the main menu buttons on igo are on the right hand side!

    ideally i could do with a different gps skin which has just the top and bottom bars without the sidebar, and an exit button on the bottom bar (igo runs 478 x 800 from memory) however I don't have the skills for the skinning side of things
    If I created the graphics for this would it be possible to integrate as an alternative nav skin on the next release?

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    Great Skin!
    Thanks for your effort. I hope you will develope it furthermore.
    I will give it a try. Perhaps I will using another navigation software.
    Automappa is very good in Europe.

    Best Regards,

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    great skin!

    Everything work's fine, but when I go on the audio browser I get this:

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    Fantastic skin, i love it. I got the same error Missing 2 graphic files.

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    I assume those are 2 missing icon files, open the file and remove the folder.bmp and music.bmp names from the 3rd line of the file. It should be something like:


    change it to:


    It should no longer show the error (missing files).
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    It works!

    But in the audio browser is the next bug: by klicking "Add Folder", I come back to the Audio Main Menu.

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    I know its a really old thread but fancy giving this one a try. Anyone able to provide me with a download link?

    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Any new links for this skin?

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