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Thread: DFX 5.1.2 Released [ Updated 04-02-12 ]

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    Ok, here's my last niggle. After this I'll leave everybody alone, ok? It's Streets and Trips and I'm fully willing to get it going myself, just need a little help with button commands. I've tweaked the skin.ini so that RR/DFX understands and conveys that I'm using S&T 2011. S&T loads up fine in the and mostly everything works as is in the skin. There are a couple of buttons that don't do what they should and the other little annoyance is that if you leave the S&T screen and then want to go back to it, it launches another instance of S&T on top of the one that's already running.

    So, like I said, I'm perfectly willing to fix the commands that need fixing I just need a little help with the commands. Here's where I get "tripped" up...

    B01,195,0,100,71,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TV","Guidance Pane"
    B02,97,0,98,71,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TN","Find Near"
    B03,294,0,99,71,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%UR","Route Planner"
    B04,693,0,105,71,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;{F3}","ReRoute"
    B06,201,521,95,77,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%VZO","Zoom Out"
    B07,299,521,96,77,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%VZI","Zoom In"
    B08,394,0,97,71,"ACTIVATE;Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TGS||SENDKEY;%TGM||SENDKEY;%TGA||A CTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%VL"," Activate GPS"


    B14,0,-1,96,71,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;^m","MAP STYLE"
    B15,592,0,101,71,"ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TGS||ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TGM||ACTIVATE;- Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TGA","TRACK"

    Specifically, it's the sendkey commands that have me stumped. I know what hotkey commands I want to utilize within S&T. I understand the ^,and {}, and how they're used, but the % has me all screwed up. Not making sense to me at all! So, if I could get a little help on that it would be appreciated.

    As far as the going back to an already running instance of S&T from another skin, I'm totally lost on that one. I would expect that there's a way to have RR look to see if S&T is running and if it is to not load a second instance if you press the Streets button again to go back to the already running screen.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Ok, the 3 major qualifiers for sendkey are:

    For mapstyle in S&T, you press Ctrl M on the keyboard, so the sendkey button command in RR would be:

    To bring up the file menu, you would press the keys Alt F so the send key would be:

    Now, say you wantet to bring up the file menu, to save something. On the keyboard you would press Alt F and then then S. The sendkey command for that would be:

    Have a look at THIS PAGE for other keys, and how to use them.

    As for it opening multiple instances, that sounds like the window title is not exactly correct. RR keeps track if a program is running already, by looking for the title of the window, and that is also how it embeds it.
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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    % in sendkeys simulates the ALT key being pressed.

    What command are you using to start S&T.

    Two instances usually indicates that you have not got it embedded correctly which is normally down to having an incorrect window name in the load command or rr.ini.

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    Thanks John! That's a HUGE help. I'll check the S&T Window for the exact window title. Ok. I'll leave everybody alone now. Once I get the rest of this sorted out I'd be happy to share the stuff to anyone that wants it.

    Thanks too to Enforcer!

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    Ha Haaa! Got the bugger! (mostly) Just have a couple of little things to clean up but all in all I've got the Streets and Trips skin working as it should with S&T 2011! Woo hoo! Thanks for the tips guys!

    I still don't understand something though (don't really care too much 'cause it works anyway) this type of command isn't making a bit of sense to me...

    %VZO - This causes the map view to zoom out. How, when the - (minus) and = (equal) signs are the hotkeys for zooming?
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    That key combo is using the hidden toolbar, View>Zoom>Out....
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    Ah, ok, I get it. Thanks! Could come in handy later.

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    Ok, the very last thing and I'll leave ya alone. Really. Ran into an oddity and am hoping one of you guys has an answer. I have everything running in the as it should with S&T 2011 under Win 7. All of the buttons are working and RR doesn't load a 2nd instance when changing from one screen and back again. Here's the odd part...

    When S&T loads up, it loads with an empty route. If I create a route within the embedded screen all is well. Everything works as it should.

    If I choose a pre-arranged route from the file menu within the embedded screen and then hit any of the buttons, RR Loses focus on the embedded window and then nothing works right after that. If I leave the Streets screen and then hit the button to go back to it, RR launches a new instance of S&T. It's like I'm back at square one if I use a pre-arranged route. Weird huh? Ideas anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Has anyone been using the Automatic Updater in the skin? I have put a few updates and bug fixes in there..... Is it working ok? The last update was a fix to the 4 day forecast weather screens. I moved things around a bit, and made the temperature's for the individual days larger.

    When someone gets a chance, update, and let me know if it all worked ok. Thanks!
    Seems so,I chuckle every time I get an update! its just brilliant!!


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    system freezes

    Hello. I have just installed a nwe system with the latest RR and DFX5 skin, but as soon as I click a button the program freezes. I have tryed registerin the DFx5.dll ( both using the regme.bat or through the run command)but I get an error when doing that
    0X80004005. I have searched and searched but cant find the problem.
    On RR.ini backroung is set to "="
    Any Help please?
    Im using win7
    I have attached my debug file.
    Thanx for the help.
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