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Thread: DFX 5.1.2 Released [ Updated 04-02-12 ]

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    ever since i installed the latest dfx, i havent been able to get the volume speed att working right. i deleted the lines in the skin.ini and it helped, i can now see it bringing the volume down to 0 when i hit the mute button twice (3 state mute). but the volume stays at 0... when i have it set to be at 74% when at 0 mph.

    the gps is working fine, the guages screen shows 10 satellites connected

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    Question Need a little help

    Just got it yesterday. Once set up will donate asap for all the hard and awesome work

    I have 2 questions that are bugging me tho
    And yes ive searched the help files, this site and Google for ages on both and attempted myself (like all day and night)...and no luck yet.

    1st. Anyone have a step by step guide to make a blue tooth phone work with this skin?
    Im thinking BlueSoleil with
    Or at least point me into the direction of what extra software is needed and ill put the puzzle together.

    2nd. One thing that makes this skin not A+ is that browsing the Album cover is not on the main screen (such like u can do on LSX VOID, BBAA). Instead you have to goto MUSIC > BROWSER > ALBUM COVERS. I like to use the covers to pick an album simply because when driving its a hell of alot easier, faster and ill bet safer then searching via text and multiple menus.
    So, how can i customise a MAIN MENU button to go straight to the COVERS?
    I attempted it myself via the different config files but had no luck, they normally just end up been an empty button or freak out altogether.

    Thanks in Advance for the help!!!!!!
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    I have been having an issue where the song database does displays empty song list. I get to the point of the album level but if I open the album the list is empty. I can add the album and then I see the songs in the play list. How do I fix this? I tried rebuilding the database or go back to the way it worked without using the database?

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    Have you done the updates, via the in skin updater?
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    I updated but not via the updater and I updated RR as well. I think I am going to uninstall RR and the Skin and reinstall everything from scratch. Most everything was working fine and of course on a long trip yesterday it all crashed. RR started to run slow and then stopped loading the skin correctly. It would only load the background image and that was it. All the labels were blank. I will let you know if the reloading fixes the issues.

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    I have always the same problem when close DFX5.1, I have done the updates, via the in skin updater but I haven't good response, loop, put the ONEXIT lines in exectbl and now is ok... in the updates there isn't the onexit line????

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    shouryuken, actually i dont think you should be able to browse album covers at all!!!!!
    unless you are NOT moving!!!
    dont drive near me!

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    Ok, did all windows updated completely installed and reinstalled RR and I have the same issue with the songs not showing up. Also since I updated I can not close RR from the power menu, it get stuck or it takes forever to close.

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    Update the skin via the skin updater or read the 2nd post of this topic.

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    @Ravenhawk - I think you need to change your song browser mode to songs from folders. If you use folders, it'll just show them and not the songs contained within. I know, a bit quirky, but that's the way it works.

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