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Thread: DFX 5.1.2 Released [ Updated 04-02-12 ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by lep View Post
    RIDE RUNNER WITH DFX5.1.... PROBLEM... TO CLOSE THE RR..... EXIT button not work. The RR NOT CLOSE

    This is because the ONEXIT event has finally been fixed that has not worked properly for a long time, so we did a work around to fix it, but now that it's been fixed, it causes a endless exit loop when you try to exit RideRuner.

    How to fix options:
    #1 5.1.1 users simply need to check for and install all updates and the problem will be gone.
    #2 Open up the skin's ExecTBL.ini file and fix these two lines, right at the top part of the file:
    PHP Code:

    do not get it!
    I made the changes in the exectbl.ini, but nothing works

    please someone help me tksss
    ************************************************** ***********
    I updated the DFX5 FOR DFX 5.1.1
    I installed ALL 6 Available Updates
    DATE OF LAST UPGRADE 11-27-2011

    BUT RR (November2011) DFX And you still have problems .. The RR can not close, Hibernate, Restart ..... BY THE EXIT BUTTON ... DFX5

    I uninstall and install and update .. 2x and it did not work
    please help me

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    Lep, I believe that the exit loop problem affected only the shutting down of RR from the exit menu and did not affect the ability to hibernate, restart, etc., from that menu. So if the hibernate and restart buttons don't work, there's something else going on and the "how to fix" instructions contained in your post would not work. Unfortunately, I don't know why your entire exit menu may not working. Why don't you change to the Carwings skin and see if the exit menu works in that and then report back.

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    Help missing play button.

    I have win XP Pro sp 3, WinAmp 5.622, flash 11, the latest version of RR and DFX with the patch. I can't get either DFX5 or Car wings to interact with winamp and play music. In DFX5 the play button is missing. everything else except Garmin seems to work fine.

    Any ideas I'm out of them. I searched the forums and found nothing. Please help. This is a fresh install of XP also. not much on it but Foobar,WinAmp, MS Office, RideRunner and DFX5.

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    My new install

    D945GCLF2, M350 case,Xenarc 700 tsv,m-4 ATX
    Visteon HD radio w/mitches cable, BU-353
    2 Punch 150 amps, 1 Kicker ZX 400.1 watt
    4 Boston Acoustic Speakers,2 Pioneer 10 subs

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    The play button in DFX gets its status from the player (Either playing or paused). Your best bet is to get winamp working in Carwings, and that will most likely fix the missing play button in the DFX skin.

    Make sure in RR Config, you have chose Winamp as the player, as well as setting the path to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbreeden View Post
    The plugin is GPS2City. You can get it here.
    Worked great btw. Thanks guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by overlander View Post
    is there a resolution for the wifiman plugin issue for this skin? issue is wifi is disabled when selecting connect in wireless skin. did a search in tapatalk but didn't come up with anything other than thread identifying it as a skin command issue.
    Even with the latest everything, wifiman still disables my wireless adapter when I hit connect, which makes it useless. Has anybody solved for this or come up with an alternative?

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    Currently, the connect button in the wireless screen is actually using the toggle command, quick fix.... If you want separate functions, then open up the and edit this line:

    To maybe connect on press and and disconnect on a press n hold:

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    Thanks Blue. Your tip definitely stopped the disabled problem, but I found out that the wifiman DFX skin would only show one hotspot with no info even when my MS network manager would show multiple hotspot around. The carwings functionality of wifiman looks cool but it sure doesn't seem to play well with DFX. Since DFX is my skin of choice, I'm done with wifiman. I've unregistered wifiman. any tips on how to get the dfx wireless skin to show the microsoft wireless in range window? right now the wireless skin does nothing.

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    Enforcer, thanks for the tip but after reading through the discussion, the answer to resolve did not become apparent to me.

    On a seperate note, all the button text on my DFX updater screen has disappeared again! This appeared to randomly happen after recovering from hibernation as a normal startup process in my truck. Any ideas where I can look? What would cause all the button text to disappear? Doesn't effect remaining skins in DFX.

    Between that and skin.ini getting corrupted repeatedly, I'm starting to thing that using hybernation with my car power supply is just too problematic an approach. I need to read through what everyone else is using for autoshutdown and bootup to have a reliable system.

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