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Thread: DFX 5.1.2 Released [ Updated 04-02-12 ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Thanks for the quick fix! I have corrected it here and it will be in the upcoming patch.
    So does that mean you are going to be doing patches instead of full installers now? That would be great.
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    Internet Radio skin bug?

    Not sure if it's a bug or not but if I go from the HD Radio skin to the Internet Radio skin, Winamp stops (pauses?) and nothing plays no matter what "station" I select, plus there is no play button (bottom button for play/pause is blank and does nothing when pressed). If I go to the Music skin, I get my play button back and can then start Internet Radio playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Thanks for the quick fix! I have corrected it here and it will be in the upcoming patch.

    Might want to add the following line to the

    PHP Code:


    so the new database indicator works.

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    Ahhh. forgot that one. Will do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Ahhh. forgot that one. Will do.

    Might want to change the wording to indicate that clicking there will load the new database.

    And maybe have it black out what's underneath as there is currently some bleed through of the wording underneath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3
    Y...yes, that would be really nice if something like that would be implimented..........................

    Quote Originally Posted by carputer1 View Post
    its not so much a help file but a button info script , , very easy to use, lucky for me i have that script lol.... seeing how its done, this is a very good idea , but as the script stands at the moment you need to make skin files for each screen , for the script to call up , so in johns case that will double the size of DFX , which is not good , but with blue on the idea , you never know
    Oh... you wouldn't be talking about something like this then would ya...

    And then....

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    Now that looks familar lolll
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasse View Post
    In a normal skin I would have done so, but this is a skin a lot more complicate than the old Alpine I've used for 5 years.
    MenuExec_14=BYVAR;WebMode;WebBrowser<<WebBrowser<< <<MENU;

    "FENNEC","Load;;fennec;$SkinPath$Brows er\fennec.exe;fennec"

    WebBrowser in skin.ini -----> WebBrowser in Exectbl.ini -----> FENNEC
    FENNEC in Exectbl.ini -----> fennec path

    If I put in Skin.ini
    it works

    there is something strange, isn't it?
    May be change,

    No ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JQFletcher View Post
    Did you download vc++ and run it? I had to. Also, did you register the DLL manually?

    What I have found is that the skin works with the plugin ( as long as it is set up right. If I were you, I would go to lambo's thread and see if he can help you.
    Yes, i have all needed. Actually i managed to make this work yesterday, during the installation i have ticked only bluetooth, no skins ticked and it worked.
    But now i have another problem, first of all there is no indication that telephone is connected, skin is not showing signal or batery, i can dial and receive calls but microphone is not working? I also tried Andrea microphone, and is not working too. Im sure there is something i can do, but i dont kno what.
    Im also using Craigs Venice7 radio, and it needs line-in, but when andrea mic is in use i can not set in rr config line to unmute for radio when in use.

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    i have a question about the startup greeting.

    I have installed the skin in my laptop running vista and i have a female voice for the greeting to say, and in my carpc its a male voice.

    how do i change male to female in my carpc?

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