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Thread: DFX 5.1.2 Released [ Updated 04-02-12 ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Not Particularly Compatible
    That would be a misnomer.

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    Pandora Radio

    Trying to get Pandora Radio buttons working the way I want.
    When exiting the Pandora screen and even Ride Runner, Pandora continues playing. There is a script called PandoraRadio.exe still in the taskbar tray. Right clicking it shows it is paused and you can click Exit to close it.
    I also want to change the buttons on the bottom of the screen to control Like, Dislike and Skip in Pandora. In the original skin they are to control Winamp:

    I have tried:
    B02,97,520,105,80,"ACTIVATE;PanRadio||SENDKEY;{rig ht}","Skip"
    B03,300,519,99,81,"ACTIVATE;PanRadio||SENDKEY;{spa cebar}","Play-Pause"
    B04,406,520,93,80,"ACTIVATE;PanRadio||SENDKEY;{plu s}","Like"
    B05,203,521,88,79,"ACTIVATE;PanRadio||SENDKEY;{min us}","Dislike"
    (those spaces are something the forum adds, they aren't there in the editor)

    I think the problem is getting focus of the Pandora app when it's only running in the system tray?

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    This was set up intentionally this way. Note the "Close" button on the bottom row where the power button normally is. This will close the app when leaving the Pandora screen. Hitting the "Menu" button leaves Pandora playing so you can go to other screens in the skin, and continue listening to Pandora.

    As for changing the bottom buttons to control favorites and such, there is no real way to do that. Pandora is basically just the web app embedded into the skin, and thus no API or SDK to send commands to it from RR.

    It was tossed together quite some time ago, just as a basic way to add Internet radio to the skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jarepa View Post
    Same to me here and I believe I know why.

    To me looks like what is broken/not-working its the overlay or "ElcosMenu" that makes possible to overlay a picture/skin (like DFX5 OSK) over a program window.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a creation of ELCAMINO and based on the current disputes that are between developers looks like a different solution will be required to have this working.
    I can add it myself (ElcosMenu) and get it working correctly, however I choose to respect ELCAMINO wish of not using any of his creations under DFX5 and I looked for a different solution.

    Actually I got around it replacing DFX5 OSK with a translucent adjustable keyboard that someone posted while back in the forums. Just changed the action on the OSK button to load the keyboard.
    The name is Free Virtual Keyboard and I believe you can get it at

    It does come with .ini where you can tweak color among another settings and it does support resizing. This is just a suggestion and I'm not encouraging or endorsing the use of this app.
    Would you mind posting a quick HOWTO, on getting this integrated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CannonBaller View Post
    Would you mind posting a quick HOWTO, on getting this integrated.

    Don't have a HOW TO, and I didn't try it yet, but you can have a look here. I guess you can download on the post I linked, unzip it and place it in a folder somewhere. Then, edit your garmin (or any screen that needs an osk) and make the "OSK" button call the "toggleOSK.exe" file.

    You can have a look also on the thread I linked, as some posts before you can find the autoit script also, just in case you want to edit it.

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    Sirius Channel List

    I have installed DFX 5.0.3 and RR 11/2010. Things seem to be running fairly well, except My Sirius module doesn't show any play list. I have seen the one post about changing the, but mine already has that line.

    CarWings-Light and DFX4 work fine, so I know it isn't the Sirius module or global settings.

    I have used the Sirius Demo program too, so I know I am getting a signal and it is playing in Windows.

    Any ideas where to look?

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    My mistake. I thought I had shockwave installed and I didn't.

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    @jswalls110: That's the wrong screen.... You need to set up one of your buttons on a menu to Sirius radio

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    since I installed the new riderunner with DFX 5.0, every time I start it I get an error in main.exe. . something about a com error. Somehow I have the idea that it's connected to the whole improved database functionality, since I can't get my mp3-database to rescan also. Says database is locked. Does somebody know where RR/dfx5/winamp stores that data so I can erase the file and create a new one?

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    That is more than likely the RRMedia plugin. go to your music path root and delete the RRMediadb.db file, that is the RRMedia database. You should then be able to attempt to rescan it from a fresh start.
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