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Thread: DFX 5.1.2 Released [ Updated 04-02-12 ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    My first thought was that is impossible. A monitor shows what it is told to really.... Having Medal of Honor work on one monitor, and Brothers In Arms not, would cause ALL sorts of problems in the PC world.


    I followed you link to the monitor and see that it is a USB monitor. That explains it! There just is not enough bandwidth in a USB cable for perfect video. They are great for many applications, but can have a lot of lag and skipped frames. The drivers probably are drawing the iList, as you said you saw it for a second, then disappears, but then not updating the list and redrawing it.

    It's almost the way video over a remote desktop connection would work. Yea, if you want video and iLists, you need to stick with a VGA. HDMI, DVI monitor for sure.

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    On another note.... and something tells me, there just may be an update to DFX here in the very near future

    Exactly. I knew when I bought it the USB would have limitations, but I didn't plan on playing MOA on it! I figured it could at least handle Ilist and RR. Wrong.. It's not a good idea for a primary monitor even with light application. For a secondary headrest maybe. I Shipped it back and bought another lilli.

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    Thumbs up DFX 5.1 Released!

    Ok, the DFX 5.1 Patch is in the App Store HERE.

    *** Note: Unless you want to be a beta tester, I recommend waiting till the next patch is out within the week taking care of some bugs and issues ***

    ** You MUST rename it from .zip to .exe and then run it ***

    This will install over your current DFX install, keeping your settings as far as colors, menu button locations, logo's and other customizations that you have made. All files that are replaced by the update patch, will be backed up.

    If you have purchased the splash screen patch, this will not be effected with the update. The new version of the registered DFX.dll will be used.

    The Full DFX 5.1 installer will be in the Auto App Mart shortly.
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    Thanks a lot for the hard work guys!

    ATTN: Downloaded. Says archive is corrupt and cannot be opened
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    The download works fine. As he said YOU MUST RENAME THE FILE FROM .ZIP to .EXE.

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing if it straightens out a couple of things for me.

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    Thanks! Looking forward to the full installer.
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    1.) Wallpaper Changing - Check!
    2.) Autoit error on Cam Screen - Check! BUT cam screens are not being killed on RR exit. I'd also assume that they are not killed when leaving the Cam Screen Skin.
    3.) WiFi Skin tries to load wifi_on and wifi_off.png's which are apparently no longer valid with WiFiman .NET 2.0. If the png's are added to the DFX folder, the skin loads but also has Carwings button backgrounds. This doesn't really matter much because Wifiman won't work on my system anyway at this point. It hangs the system on startup of RR. When I can get around it, it can't find my wireless adapter. Not your issue.
    4.) I may be missing something operationally (user error), but when using "Valet" I'm not seeing a way to unlock the system. Edit: Seems the "hidden" Hotspot for unlocking is missing.
    5.) Not related to this update but I've tried using the DFX Button Editor to eliminate some unused stuff and re-arrange the menu buttons to my liking. After making changes with the button editor, saving and exiting, relaunch of RR shows no changes to my skins.
    6.) Help Button in Menu 2 doesn't display help.
    Thanks for the update.
    7.) No top quicklaunch bar on a few screens. (tough when using voice)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Driven01 View Post
    5.) Not related to this update but I've tried using the DFX Button Editor to eliminate some unused stuff and re-arrange the menu buttons to my liking. After making changes with the button editor, saving and exiting, relaunch of RR shows no changes to my skins.
    Yes, I experienced the same problem. After messing with it quite a bit I figured out how to make it work. When setting up a new button, do not save a button image at first. Instead, just fill in the label field and the RR Command field and then hit done and save and exit. This will save the label and command. Then if you want to add a button image reopen the button editor and add an image to the button you just created. For some reason, it does not save your changes if you add an image at the same time you create the button. Your new button will be added to the pop-up list if you follow this procedure.

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    I'd recommend folks don't try the Valet (system lockout) until things are figured out. IF you do, you will be locked out of RR even if you kill it with Task Manager. There is a way out though. Check the DFX Help file (included in today's release) in the "How do I" section under Lock/Unlock the system. Go to the .ini mentioned and change the line Relock=True to Relock=False. This will allow you to use RR as normal until the lockout thing has been worked out.

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    @kbreeden -Thanks for the tip!
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    Thumbs up

    No problems that I can see, I only had to put back all my logos that were in the Logos file, but no biggie all good now.
    John, I notice a lot of skins for RR including yours don't have a logo for the Firebird muscle? Well,........... here is a bunch of ones that I made with photoshop if anyone wants to use. I think I have all the colors represented?

    The internet radio is amazing! Great job on this guys!! I'm also adding some stations to add if anyone wants them. Enjoy.

    EDIT: You will find files uploaded on #961
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    Voice and phone

    Ok, before I ask this, please don't flame me, I've read everything I could and haven't found the definitive answer(s).

    Thanks for the update. Everything installed smoothly and the patch that I paid for was not affected at all.

    My questions are about voice control and phone. As far as voice, is it built in to DFX 5.1 now or do I need to use RRVoice? I can't for the life of me find that answer or how to set it up. I just went through the entire new DFX 5.1 help and there is nothing in there.

    Bluetooth phone interface. I selected Phoco but it tells me to reinstall the option when installing RideRunner. I've looked at the installation twice and there is no Phoco option anywhere. What is everyone else using for the bluetooth interface with their phone?

    Thanks in advance to all responses.
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