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Thread: Simplistique Skin Release - download and screenshots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopefish View Post
    It is amazing the level of developement that has occured with this skin since it first came out. I loved it then and skimming over some of the latest additions I have fallen in love all over again. I'll be trying to load up my new EPIA system this weekend with it and see how it goes, also actually read the whole thread once I'm home too.

    I may make some mods as a lot of features wont be used by me, just Audio/Vido/Navigation/Telecomm for now -- I want to add OBD (even later on board tuning), cd ripping and a reverse cam... but I have to work within my monetary means and go one step at a time.

    Sorry but am I missing something....
    Simplistique download section says version 0.3 updated september 06
    is this still the latest?`
    I think when I last downloaded the skin that it was very nice but is there any new updates since then?
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    I changed the skin to my liking and added some of the features that were posted as well. I had to fix most of the features because they were not working properly. I know have it functioning just how I want it.

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    ok im sorry if this is stupid, but i cant find a link to download the night version of this skin on any page. could someone kindly direct me?

    also, for some reason, with the newly modified cover browser skin, road runner hangs and soon as i click the icon. last executed command is

    10/28/2007 12:56:31 PM: Que Exec: True,, "LOAD;", False
    10/28/2007 12:56:31 PM: Executing: LOAD;

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    hey guys...i do apologize if this sounds dumb...i just started all of this a few weeks ago and have been lurking around trying to build up as much info as possible regarding carputers (specifically in the bmw e46).

    after getting most of the basics down, in terms of wiring, computer setup etc...i now am playing around with the digitalFX skin on RR...i figure i might as well figure this aspect of the install as i eagerly await for all my parts to arrive in the mail.

    anyways, i really liked the way this skin looked...but wanted to know if someone could point me in the right direction in terms of what version is the latest version?

    there are also a few other q's i have and i would really appreciate it if someone would be willing to help me out...thanks a lot.


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    whoops. that didn't come out right...while i am playing around with digitalFX, i would like to know where i could get the latest version of simplistique!!! it looks great in the bmw in this thread's pics...

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    In the first post.

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    flash prob

    Quote Originally Posted by rev1richie View Post
    quick question, i loaded the skin on my wotk pc and changed the logo, worked great, however when i loaded it on the carpc, the logo is a blank, do i need some flash player or something else?


    PS great looking skin, best i've seen
    Yes, You Need to install flash player active-x version 8 or better 9
    "flash8.ocx" You will find it free over the internet

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    traffic cam

    veedubya , please put the skin for traffic cam , for download , i want put that in my car , please , or enyone what have that skin , thanks , mike

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    Hi, I'm new to MP3car and stumbled accross this skin which BTW is AWSOME! gratz LLoydie on a great piece of work.
    I've managed to embed, tweak and adjust the skin to do pretty much what I want, I have only 1 problem which I hope you guys may be able to help me with.


    Whenever the PC reboots and RR loads up sound etc is all working fine and the last song played resumes no problem.
    However, the second you touch the volume up/down buttons the master volume sets itself to 0, the skin shows the volume at the level it "should" be at but no sound is heard unless you use the skin to set volume to 0 then work it back up again. I have tried the volume and it has the same effect in every screen where the volume controls are available.

    I've tried loading the default BMV skin but this has the same effect, im running the latest version of RR an tbh the only thing thats stopping my install being dam near perfect is this volume issue.

    Hope I dun get flamed but your advice would be appreciated, TX

    I wondered if this was a RR issue or a skin issue?

    OK, I've edited before getting flamed rofl, tweaked the volum mapping controls and works a treat!
    Getting the hardware in the car an looking pretty is my thing, I rely on you guys for the software tweaks and help.

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