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Thread: "nGen" Skin (updated Sep-12-2010)

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    "nGen" Skin (updated Sep-12-2010)

    UPDATE: Sep-12-2010. I'm looking for 3-5 Beta testers for the night skin. This is still not complete but most of the functionality is there (see list below). Please PM or reply here if you are interested. The Beta will go out before the end of the week..
    Skin based on Ford NexGen System. NOTE There is no main menu. You are able to select the startup screen under tools. Menu choices are dynamic.

    Need to complete
    1. Dynamic Menu button down based on selection (will release beta once this is complete) DONE
    2. >6 Menu item change while not reloading skin or screen DONE
    3. HD Radio Skin DONE
    4. Sirius/XM Skin Partial - will complete before beta release
    5. Plugin Skin DONE
    6. Working Phone Skin
    7. Complete Tools Skin (mixer, features etc)
    8. Indicators for phone, BT, WIFI, direction etc
    9. Button down states
    10. Options/Devices in Audio and Video Skin
    11. Day Skin (will be complete after private Beta)


    Original Post:
    I'm in the middle of my CarPC build and am finalizing everything on my test machine. Looking for a suitable skin I thought about how carwings was adapted from an OEM skin. Based off of that I started looking for OEM skins and found what looks like screenshots of Ford's nexgen navigation system with sync. Do you think this would be worthwhile replicating with a skin in RR? If there's an interest I can start to put something together. I think the design can be enhanced a bit but here are a few images.
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    its obvious to me you like this your self, so why not build for yourself then release if you want, then people can DL it as they please, every skin on here started as a personnel skin then developed to a public skin ,

    i like the idea looks like a promising idea, go for it and enjoy

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    IT's a start, peronaly not too fond of it. That doesnt say much though since I am not too crazy about most OE style skins.
    If you like it though go for it.
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    It looks bright and clean. TOO bright and clean... :C I think it would be fairly harsh at night.

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    I like it -- Probably because I've been messing around with that system in the new Fords. The audio and nav screens are cool, not pictured here.

    Keep in mind when designing a skin for RR that this OEM interface has many hard buttons. If designing for a touchscreen, then the art will need to include controls for volume/track selection/etc. When I did Carwings I added the bottom bar to include functions that the OEM interface does not have due to the car having an array or hard buttons for those controls.

    Subscribed, may throw in some help on this one
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    I like it and would try it out.

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    Here's a small concept. I started back on this skin again and decided to do a night and day skin. Here's a preview of the audio player night skin. The background is transparent (so you don't have to use the ford logo I created) and I need to redo the bottom buttons. Thoughts?

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    I like it, probably only because I was screwing around with a car system the other day. I would actually consider using it, and Ive never considered using a skin on these forums!

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    i like the high contrast with the white on the first images.

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