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Thread: eLite | Streamline preview

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    I just switched from lsxvoid to the elite wings skin that was just released. It is the next best thing to this streamlined one in my opinion. I am just waiting for this one to be released. I am just happy to have something new and cleaner than lsxvoid.
    Quote Originally Posted by radu81 View Post
    I still use Elite Lite and for me it's the best skin I ever tried. too bad for the loose of the source files. I already tested the elite wing and is also a good skin.

    Just waiting for the Streamline, it will surely be a great skin. Thanks sauvecito
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    I myself and waiting for this skin as well. By far the best out of anything available for RR. I thank you suavecito for all your hard work with this.

    Any new progress since the wings version has been released? I know you said you would focus on this one after that has hit the boards.

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    How about Spotify , if you need an invite let me know and I'll invite you
    (please work on this skin , can't wait to lay my hands on it )

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    Thumbs up

    Yes, please get this skin done. What a beautiful creation this is going to be when done!!!!

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    i really hope which this skin will be release as soon as possibile....

    it's really really good...

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    Wow! Impressive!

    I have downloaded RideRunner & Centrafuse to decide which one I will use...

    I downloaded your eLite Lite skin to get a feel for it and I really liked that skin.

    This one looks even cleaner! Keep up the good work!

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    Whats the progress on this? I love your elite lite skin. I just switched over from centrafuse and love RR wayyyy more.
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    Any progress on this skin? I love Elite lite, have been waiting for this skin to be finished so I can make the switch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maceo4 View Post
    Any progress on this skin? I love Elite lite, have been waiting for this skin to be finished so I can make the switch.
    2nd. eLite Lite has been my #1 skin since I first started playing with RR.
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    nice to see the development moving along at a brisk pace....

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