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Thread: New personal skin in progress -genX-

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    New personal skin in progress -genX-

    Here is my new skin im working on it's called genX, right now it's for personal use, but when i get some more screens done, and some plugings integrated i plan to release it.. For all the main functions i use a logitech remote, so there is no play/pause etc buttons... but the ress. is 800x480 so for those who use a 800x600 screen there can be added a bar in the bottom for buttons...

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    Nice and clean concept. If you make that red background transparent (which seems like you may already have?) it would be very customizable.
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    The red background is transparet ive also planned to make a background browser, but i dont know if its possible to make the black grid stay and then put a background behind that... som over/under lay kind of thing...

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    you could do one better and make all the colored areas transparent (leaving the rounded gradient in tact) and allow people to create there own backgrounds which will fill in the colors. Looks good though as is. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Now the background is transparet.


    Menu: 90%
    Music: 100%
    audio browser: 10%
    Phone: 70%
    plugin manager: 100%


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    More screens are comming.

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    looks good mate
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    very nice

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    very clean lines - looks very OEM.
    I like the look of this skin, I think it might have a lot of potential.
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    Thx.. when i got some more screens done, and have made some testing, buttom sizes, functions and so on.. I will release a test version, and any suggestions are welcome.

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    Very nice skin so far, I have only one suggestion. Well, 1 1/2 . Could you add internet radio to the skin. And also a plug-in for the internet radio. The plug is called stream ripper for Winamp, and it's a free plug too. I been using this for years in all my carpc(s) installs. The only problem I have is minimizing RR to see stream ripper plug so I can tic the record button on/off. This option would really make internet radio shine. I wonder why anyone hasn't come up with this idea before? Plus if you use this service like I do.......well, see here: Thax A Bunch.

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