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Thread: My first skin - Notpotplayer

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    Excellent job so far JimL.
    I was one of the persons who liked ThePot GUI but would not put it into a CarPC. An RR skin on the same lines would be just what the doctor prescribed...
    Thanks for your initiative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimL View Post
    I likes it ^^ That's actually exactly where I got the basic idea from. I was just browsing google images for ideas and "borrowed" some stuff from one of them :P
    did you ask the company for using their layout ?

    i remember the problems CdrSkull had with Fluxmedia (Centrafuse) as he makes a RR flash skin which looks near their layout.

    so, it could be better to ask.

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    Nope, and it doesn't really matter couse I'm gonna use it anyway. Thats one of the great things about living in europe you know, people cant just sue people for everything and anything. They might have had a case if I broke into their systems and used their source code to port their app to another platform. But as it is I've used a a screenshot to replicate a menu, a 4 pixel width line a white tab and a couple of icons. Any judge over here would probably not even care to laugh before he dismissed the case. Only problem I can see is if they contact mp3car after its done in regarding to hosting it, but that's then and now's now

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    hmmmm, I'm not a lawyer but just "copying/borrowing" a layout is rampant on the net.
    Look at all the "windows/apple" look alike sites or even all the wordpress ones.

    Once you get to certain point in finishing the basics, I'd change colors and a few other areas.

    I think it's really hard to walk the fine line between copying and imitating. There's always the fact that apple is always poking fun at redmond about getting their copiers ready. But in reality everybody copies somebody else to some extent.

    I do like this design. I'd love to see a CF3 version too

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    The difference between copying and cloning is pretty easy...

    In a copy -> like posted here, You can match it up to the original and it matches pixel for pixel. This is clearly a direct copy with the only change being lists due to rrs inability to display more graphical lists.

    In a clone, that is not the case because it was recreated from scratch...companies can argue that it is similar to the original but that rarely holds up in court.

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    Personally I think this is a direct rip of the potplayers graphics.

    Whilst imitation is flattery, direct copy is theft.

    I suspect if MP3Car get a complaint from the authors of The Pot Player you will be required to remove this skin from MP3Car as happened with CDRSkull and Centrafuse.

    By all means make a skin that is based on The Pot Player but do not copy it graphic for graphic like you have.

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    Probably right.

    Then I guess someone has to re-make a similar style menu bar (I can take care of the top menu) or this skin wont be released. This skin works just fine for my own personal use so, yeah. :P

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