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Thread: My 2nd skin - Black

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    My 2nd skin - Black

    Name suggestions welcome
    Still gonna finish Notpotplayer btw.

    I found myself stranded a week without the files for continuing with NPP available, so I started scribbling down some ideas for a new skin. I wanted something looking more like what I had envisioned myself when dreaming up ideas for a carputer.

    This skin uses RRearth, Elcosmenu
    Thanks to all plugin devs <3

    To-do list:
    Get RRSkype to work on my system
    Get a good plugin for Spotify

    Main screen:
    Nothing groundbreaking. All buttons have a whiteish overlay and glow when pressed.

    Main screen invisible buttons layout:
    Added for easier navigation trough songs while driving. I know from experience I need a simple prev/next/pause button on the main screen tho I dont really want them to show.

    Main menu extended:
    Elconsmenu. Opens/closes small extended menus on main button hold. Only pushing the main buttons opens up the predefined first choice. Here shown opening the media extended menu, pressing the media main button launches audio player.

    Audio player:

    Audio browser:



    Video player (goes to fullscreen after x s)
    Menu powered by Elcosmenu, floating a skin over a video actually works quite well.

    Video browser:

    Thanks to everyone here who directly or indirectly supports the development of Riderunner. I really appreciate everything Riderunner is today, and will become in the future with new functionality and new plugins. Just wanted to mention it ^^

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    I like it! Keep up the good work!

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    Let me be the devils advocate - don't waste your time on this one, it looks like just icons thrown on a background - the bar is set higher than that.

    Finish *NON*potplayer instead..
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    I like

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