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Thread: SBOSS - BMW OEM integration skin

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    SBOSS - BMW OEM integration skin

    Hi all,
    This is a skin for BMW OEM integration.

    Everything is controlled from the OEM radio buttons/Ibus
    Touch will not work as there are no buttons for play, list, etc
    Resolution: 800x480

    Currently functional:
    Audio, player and browser with seach
    Video, player and browser with search
    PDC, front and rear sliders + distance
    EQ, presets and user for Foobar 18 band
    Info screen

    I'm using my own plugin for the Ibus communication: http://

    Install instructions in ReadMe.

    Dec 2, 2010:
    IBusCommunicatoRR plugin is updated with plugin prefix. Skin is also updated to work with the new plugin update.
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    EQ Presets:

    EQ User:

    Audio Player


    PDC Front:

    PDC Rear:


    Menu with new background:

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    Great work. Looking forward to using your skin and plugin soon. I am aquiring all the parts for my new car PC to be installed in a X5.

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