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Thread: MCU Skin: Work Logs

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    MCU Skin: Work Logs

    MCU Skin

    created by...

    Note: This is my work log of MCU (Mobile Computer Unit). It will be updated in free time, and this thread will show progress. I do expect to be completed soon. I do not have an ETA, but can ensure it will be soon because I want to use it on my CPC. Unforeseeable issues could delay the project, depending on if everything plays nice (the wife/not the programming). Any advice or opinions are appreciated.

    • Pre-planning and rough drafts sketched.
    • Splash screen created as seen below:

    Mazda Logo:

    Sketch Concept:

    GUI Done: 3-6 moths
    Actual Skin Coded: 3-6 months

    Projections changed due to life.
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    project closed for now.

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